Oh, I Love You, Summer

“What day is it?”
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.
A.A. Milne

I am a big believer in living in the moment, appreciating what is front of you RIGHT NOW. What is front of you right now? For me, it is summer. Not some flaxen hair girl, but the actual season. And while the rest of the country appears to be suffering from heat waves and power outages, southern California is experiencing a real and wonderful summer.

What are my favorite things about summer?

Palos Verdes, CA 2011

1. The sun (duh)

Venice Beach, 2011

2. The beach (double duh)

Courtesy http://www.jackrabbitcheese.com

3. The temperatures (triple duh)

Courtesy http://www.sidewalkshoes.com

4. Outdoor BBQs – mmm tasty grilled treats- and no dishes to do!

Summer Berries and Nectarines, 2012

5. Berries

6. So You Think You Can Dance – this is one of my favorite performances of ALL TIME (start at :26).

Sauv Blanc

7. Sauvignon Blanc, Mimosas, Bellinis, and Champagne with berries, outside. Nothing like a cool glass of white vino or bubbly on a hot summer’s day.

Courtesy http://www.essentialsoulretreats.com

8. Early AM sunny yoga class. Start your summer day off right.

Courtesy http://www.statesymbolusa.org

9. Watermelon

10. Summer reads


11. Windows open.

Labor Day week with friends, Seattle, 2011


Palm Springs Poolside, Summer 2011

13. Pools


14. Popsicle man


15. Hanging with fam, friends, and new friends.


16. Wimbledon

17. World Cup/Olympics

Ben Harper Concert, Hollywood Bowl, 2012

18. Summer Concerts – I was able to go to the Hollywood Bowl last night for the Ben Harper concert. I hadn’t seen Ben since 1998!! If you’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl, it is quintessential LA in the summertime. Free flowin wine, food, friends all around. Perfect temperatures, great acoustics. Always a guaranteed good time.

Jef lookalike. Courtesy http://www.thebachelor.warnerbros.com
Bearded Brazilian http://www.thebleacherreport.com

19. Summer romance/s – summertime is a great time to be a single person. Warm temperatures, elevated moods- all a great mix for fun summer flirting. The concert last night did not fail in that department. I met a frenchie who is living in my neighborhood just for the summer, a bearded brazilian whose last night of 40 days in the US ended today, and a kid I met on the shuttle on the way home that in the darkened bus, with the glow of the outside lights, appeared to look like Jef from the bachelorette. I don’t know for sure that in the light of day he actually looks like Jef, and I am sure my Pinot Grigio and Chard consumption did not assist me in my examination, but his hair was very Jef-esque. I somehow convinced him to come to yoga class on Tuesday night.

What are your favorite summer delights?


5 thoughts on “Oh, I Love You, Summer

  1. I like this one! A few of my favorite summer things are:
    shorts, bare feet, tank/tube tops, morning walks, farmers markets, swimming, the smell of Coppertone or Hawaiian Tropic lotion. Relaxing in my sunny backyard while my doggies frolic about, evening porch drinking with my neighbors, hanging out on my sisters dock. I could go on and on but I will spare you. 🙂

  2. One of my favorite ones to date! Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of summer and the simple pleasures all around us. It sparked a little flame in me to make sure I get off my tushy, hop on my bike and enjoy summer, because it’s finally here! Oh… I do love hats and sunglasses! Especially on those summer romances 😉

  3. Warm evening breezes while reading/drinking/chillin’ on the patio, fire flies and thunderstorms(I miss this part of the lower 48), the smell of gardens, the birds singing, driving with the windows down, and not wearing so many layers of clothing that I appear to be twice as round as I really am!

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