The Power of Music

I think most of you know I was a musician for much of my life... I played the bassoon for five years, the clarinet for thirteen years- traveling with the University of Washington Husky Marching band for three of those years. Guitar for twenty years. And cello in 2013. I love music. I think that … Continue reading The Power of Music

The Quest of the Right Brain

As you know (or don't know) I am destined to retire early off of something creative that I do (see my about page). As a result, I started this blog, to get those juices flowing. I've also started sewing again, making yoga straps and bags on the weekends for Lost & Found, and signed up … Continue reading The Quest of the Right Brain


So there are several reasons for the title of this post. 1. It's the name of one of the most recognizable Beastie Boys hit songs. 2. It's the name of my current favorite TV show (Thank you, Biebersons) 3. With whom I spent my weekend. Let's keep it organized and go in order. 1. GIRLS- … Continue reading GIRLS