Harkham Winery – as close as it gets to Kosher Natural Wine

****The Aussie (very politely, I might add), sent me this blog post reviewing his wines. I agree that WineMusings did a much better job than I did on tasting notes- but his blog (to be fair) is all about wine!! 🙂 If my descriptions didn’t woo you to natural wine, then check out this one.****

Wine Musings Blog

0000018a0-Natural_wines1If you have never heard of Natural Wine than you must be friend’s with the newest Geico Ad Pitchmen that live under a rock! The only real issue with Natural wine is – there is NO clear answer to the question – What is Natural Wine? If you want to know what kosher wine is – my posting and others clearly delineate the rules and laws that define kosher wine.

I loved the way that both Peter Hobbs and Eric Asimov described Natural Wines, simply stated, wine that is created with nothing added and nothing removed. Still, as simple as that sounds, no one talks about the actual rules inside the winery and no one talks about the rules outside the winery. Can you sulfate the vines, many say yes and many say no. Clearly you cannot sulfur the wine with SO2, as that would be adding to…

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