The Moon

I once took a graphic design class, right after college (I couldn’t quit learning!), and one of the assignments was to make 100 tiny paintings of one topic. We were limited to what that topic could be, and the teacher required it be from a list that she had provided.

From the list, I chose “moon”.

I had two weeks to paint 100 tiny, one inch by one inch squares of moons using gouache paint. Of course I started out like any normal person, and painted the moon in its various phases. Then I started cropping it. Then close ups and pan-outs. Once that was done, I painted what it would look like from another planet. If it were green. Or red. By this time, I was only at square 37. I still had 63 squares to go!

full moon illustration
Photo by Alex Andrews on

This is when things started getting funky. I painted cheese, a naked bum, people in love. I did Picasso, Rothko, and Dali interpretations of the moon. I made the moon into other objects, created 3D, 2D, 1D versions, moons in reflections, moons in hell, moons as wallpaper. By the time I got to 100, the moons didn’t resemble moons anymore. They became something else.

As we come off our first week of confinement, I can’t help but think, we need to moon this thing out. Our normal ways will only get us to 37 days, so what will we do the remaining 63? Activities with kids, projects at home, what will these become? The answer is up to you, your imagination, and how creative you’re willing to get.

P.S. Sadly I misplaced this masterpiece in one of my moves. Still one of the greatest art assignments I can remember doing, and gouache is an awesome medium!



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