Why We Get Dolled Up

Ok, I know in my last post I said I was back to blogging… I ended up working on some new projects (still doing that), but now that we are all confined to our homes, I am able to carve out a little more time and thought here. In fact, each one of these days that I don’t have activities and people and transportation and classes, I have… thoughts. Like for example, today’s thought.

After about two weeks of yoga clothes, some jeans here and there, I decided to actually put on makeup and jewelry and shoes today. As I was putting on my eyebrow gel (God, help me, I need you Nieves!) I thought this thought:

Why haven’t I put makeup on this whole time? Do I really do it for other people? I mean, because if I did for myself, wouldn’t I keep doing it every day?

Same with clothes and accessories and cute outfits, is it for photos, or other people? If it’s because it feels great to look cute, why am I not doing this at home every day? And mind you, there are others at home… my fiance, his kids, delivery people.

Maybe… I am happier makeup free? And if so, then why not be makeup free in the regular world?

woman getting her make up done
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

In period movies, you always see the ladies of the manor dressed and primped, even if they are just at home. Was it for themselves or each other?

As I thought these questions, I realized that I actually did enjoy putting on eyeliner. I did enjoy applying blush in an unhurried manner. I put together my face in a way that just woke my face up a bit. Not anything over the top to impress anyone, just to make me happy for the day.

I then went “to work” at my desk. I felt more awake, a little peppier. No conference calls or zooms.

It is an interesting thought… if you knew you would see no one (whether in person, via zoom, phone, a photo, or social post) would you still do your hair, makeup and get dressed.. even if it’s just for you?



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