It’s Tuesday which means Bachelorette recap day.

Let’s get into it.

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Cray Cray Chris

I still think he is creepy. The opening shot, when he is in Chicago, and he’s not speaking- I actually think he is handsome for a moment… then he has to go and ruin it by speaking. I’m trying to figure out why I dislike this kid so much and I realize that it hits home for me- he is SO insecure! And I attract insecure people a lot- so that is why he bothers me. I am getting better at spotting these cats.

Alright, Emily. I can’t stop staring at your two-sizes-too-big veneers. Please go get those replaced after the show is over. You’re too beautiful to look like you’re wearing dentures- I say that with complete love.

Chris’ family? I actually like. I think they are really sweet and I love how they are. I still can’t figure out where Chris’ crazy comes from. What is up with the damn insecurity?


Hipster Jef

Ok, I loved this hometown. I love the dune buggy thingy bob. Awesome. I love that they have a family compound. Awesome. I am obsessed with the kid’s damn hair. Obsessed. I love it. I absolutely got jealous when they went Clay pigeon shooting. That is actually a dream date of mine. I would love for a guy to take me clay pigeon shooting on a date. For real. I think it would be so much fun. I think one of my favorite quotes from her was:

“Who knew Jef and his skinny jeans had such a good shot!” – Emily

The only weird part, was they had a voice over of him saying his parents were in South Carolina for DUBBED IN VOICE: charity work. Dubbed in? What did he say originally? LDS mission? Mitt Romney’s campaign? Why did they have to dub over his voice?

I love the brother calling Jef out. I love the note he wrote to her- very Ryan Sutter of him. I mean, who doesn’t love a fireman/poet?


Tardy for the Arie

First observation- on the race track. I know they were trying to make Em look all sexy in her tank, carrying her helmet, with her racing suit half on- she just looked awkward.

Arie grows away from me every week. I thought he was hot episode 1, but every episode since, he’s losing steam for me. I find him less and less cute and interesting. I think he’s out next.

I love all the foreign dads this season- they are adorable, but I agree with her on the ‘speaking another language’ in front of someone who doesn’t- super not comfortable. It reminds me of being in a nail salon and the girls are speaking Vietnamese and you don’t know if it is about you or not. My yoga teacher Jams forwarded me this hilarious video that Anjelah Johnson describes to a T:


Sexy Sean

Aw, two dogs!! More points.

Ok, I totally thought he lived at home. He started listing the stuffed animals and their names and the mess and his mom was supposed to clean it up… I totally got punked like Emily.

His Dad was just so sweet, but the armadillo at the end was disgusting.

Sean is hot. But what is up with all the tongue in these kisses- I feel like I have to close my eyes and look away whenever they kiss. I wonder if she has to wipe off her mouth when the camera stops.

The Rose Ceremony

Crazy Chris bites the dust. And wow. Mr Insecurity starts rearing his ugly head again, then it’s like he almost catches himself… “gee whiz, I am on national tv, and if I act like a dejected a$$ everyone is going to see it. I finally get it!!”

That’s it for now… til next week. And the Bachelor Pad looks like it will be another interesting mix!!

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