Grass and Happiness

These days, when I wake up in the morning and want to make myself happy, I open my curtain. Outside, in my backyard, are thousands of tiny, brand-new vibrant green blades of grass. I get excited to see more and more of them with each passing day. Wow, sounds, thrilling, doesn't it? I have been … Continue reading Grass and Happiness

It (He) Finds You

The house. The husband. Ok, so two big "H" words in a lady's life. House and Hubs. I'm making a little progress on the husband front... i.e. I'm going to a life coach who is helping me figure my shi@ out so I can be the best woman I can be... because here is how … Continue reading It (He) Finds You


Earlier in the week I posted a somewhat depressing (although wholly truthful) account of my thirty-sixth birthday and everything I am going through right now. But for now, I feel like I have to write a quick pick-me-up. Another birthday story. A goodie. On my birthday (last week), it also happened to be #tbt a.k.a. … Continue reading Thirty