I Love To Laugh

Ok, who here doesn’t like laughing?

Exactly. No one. Everyone loves a chuckle. A gutbuster. Cracking up. LMFAO. People can try to suppress a laugh. Or, people can have zero sense of humor.

I for one, love it.


But to know my humor is to be my humor. I’m not talking Mr. Bean or The Hangover here. I’m talking true wit; being clever. Timing, punch, slight sarcasm, comedy. I appreciate and love it, and I invoke it constantly.

My favorite environment is where I interact with a quiet chick that NEVER laughs at anything… and I get her to crack a smile. Or the dude who can banter with me. I also dig the super smart gal who beats me to it, making me laugh first. Or the person in the group setting who picks up my subtle comment and starts laughing in the corner. Those are my favorite little pleasures in life.

Wit. Smart. Funny.


I think my breed is pretty rare. Some people have made a killing off of it; mainly, the self-deprecators. Seinfeld, Tina Fey, Larry David, Louis C.K., any character in Arrested Development.  I’m not about self-deprecating humor myself; but I am all about speed, timing, and cleverness. So when I meet others who have this same niche humor, I’m blown away. Well, actually, I’m in stitches.


I had the fortunate luck of reuniting with someone I hadn’t seen in years- like six years- and we met up for a drink last week. Then dinner. Then dinner again. Then a Superbowl party. And I have to say, from what I remember of him- which was all positive- I did not remember his sense of humor.

Impossible, you say!? I know, especially since this humor in everyday life is so rare and I’m such a fan of it? I don’t know where my head space was six years ago, to be honest. But where it is now, is amused, entertained, and laughing. How easily time flies and things seem so much more fun when laughter is involved. And this guy had me going… all the while, I think I was providing an equal amount of comedy- and I realized- this is pretty rad.

I thought about all the other laughter-filled times. My nieces saying something unexpected and hilarious. A few lines from a couple TV shows last week. The side-splitting laughs I have with the fishes at dinner, where we get to the hyperventilation phase, can’t speak, curled in fetal position, and are crying out both eyes. Those dinners are pretty darn fun.


Laughter is good for the soul for a reason… it feels so good. And I love it. Keep those people in your life that can make you laugh- they are a very rare and precious commodity.

And if you can make me laugh-  you know you’ve sold me. Brains and humor make my world go round- and when you have both, consider me your biggest fan.

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