Aussie ABCs

You've probably figured by now that I am going to post about Australia all week- and that would be correct. I'm going to start off easy. Some of the initial observations I had while I was in Australia. Then as the week progresses, I'll get into the internal, meaningful stuff. I'm going to be brutally … Continue reading Aussie ABCs


What The World Needs Now….

I think just about everyone in these United States, who is also on Facebook, has been bombarded the last two weeks by amateur political commentary. So is this post about the leadership the world needs now? No. And the rest of you, how many of you had that song pop into your head with this … Continue reading What The World Needs Now….


One of the days in Ko Samui, we took a three-hour cooking class and learned four native Thai dishes from scratch. I will save your eyeballs (and your appetites) and not post them all at once, but sprinkle them throughout my posts the next few weeks. Today's recipe is for Phad Thai Koong Sod, or … Continue reading iPhad