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ChromaTweet by Alexsandar Mascasev, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 3/25/2012

Last year, I started a blog about my dating life. But it was a secret blog (still is kind of a secret blog). Mainly because I would actually talk about my dates and since they were with real people, I didn’t necessarily need the whole world to know about them all. If I wanted that, I would have signed myself up for The Bachelor.

I would post an entry on a daily basis, and it was a fun outlet for me. I have a normal, wonderful job, and writing was a great hobby- keeping the right-brain juices flowin’. Now that I am no longer actively dating, I am missing writing on a daily basis. I also went to a psychic (after some mimosas with some girlfriends) who said I needed- no wait, HAD to- do something creative to be content in life. (If you want to visit her- she is freakishly spot on; her name is DOREENA (aka Theresa). She has a crazy wonky eye, but I think that makes her more authentic). She recommended art, music, interior design, acting, writing… wait, writing? And here we are.

The purpose of this blog is to share about the things I love in my life here in L.A., mainly:

Yoga, love, relationships, food, TV, sales, music, friends, books, travel, art/photography.

I would be remiss in my blogging if I didn’t include something for you all to get out of it.  I will include some reviews, opinions, rantings, researched articles, links, finds- hopefully entertainment! Basically, I’m like every other schmuck out there that uses a blog like a journal-of-sorts, except I am hoping to maybe… help you? Heal you? Inspire you? Push you? Provoke you? Or annoy you ;)? Or as Doreena predicted it, retire early.

Hope you enjoy it- and thanks for supporting my ‘creative’ quest.


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