Da Bear-ds

I’m kinda obsessed.

“With what?” You ask. “Seaweed?”

No… I mean yes, seaweed. But I’m outta ‘weed right now. Need to go see my dealer Amy for more. No, I’m talking about something else.



I don’t know what it is about facial hair, but I’m definitely into it.
I’m still not into mustaches… and I know Movember is coming up, so shortly, we’ll all be surrounded by them.

No, I like full-on beards. Mountain-man beards. Trimmed beards. Hipster LA beards. Whatever. I like ’em.

“There are two kinds of people in this world that go around beardless—boys and women—and I am neither one.”  – Greek saying (via graduatedandclueless.com)

I remember a time (when I was like 15-22) and thought beards were the most disgusting, non-attractive thing out there. Then I thought they were ok (in my early-mid 20’s). Then, I didn’t mind them (late 20’s). Then, they kinda ‘grew’ on me (early 30’s). Now I’m very attracted to them.

Yummy stubblies. img.rankboards.com

What happened? Was it a shift in estrogen that caused me to be drawn to something more manly and testoroney? Or do bearded dudes get more attractive with age? What does a beard symbolize? Wisdom, patience, laziness, wood-chopping, leper-healing?


RedOrbit posted an article about women being “significantly” LESS attracted to guys with beards. Now, the backstory on this study is that they polled 200 women from New Zealand and Samoa (wtf, Samoa?!!). So maybe beards aren’t that hot there. It also said that men with beards appeared to have higher social status and were more respected by other men. Hmmmmmm….. so perhaps I actually have less estrogen happening instead?

The paper also states that guys with stubble were MORE favorable. So it appears it’s a length issue.

The whole reason for watching LOST and not knowing what the f was going on. http://www.fanforum.com

I don’t know, I think it’s all good, as long as it’s not spotty or schnauzer-like. Beards are like magnets to me. I am a very confident independent girl, so I need a straight-up MAN. What better way to be a man then to look like Paul Bunyan??

P Buns!!! http://www.acadiamagic.com

If you’re on the fence about it, check out this site. Or this awesome one with beards and knitted items. Or this pinterest board.  It’s like beard porn. Lol.

I think this post on shaveyourstyle.com pretty much sums up my sentiment about beards.

And if you want to grow a sexy beard? Here are instructions for you.

ohbythewayblog.blogspot.com – if you need an expert beard barber, I heard http://www.craigthebarber.com is pretty darn good.

Since we’re on the topic of hair, I may as well also throw it out there that I’m also a chest hair fan (on dudes). It adds to the whole mountain man thing. I think because I am in a city with some of the most metroish dudes around, I’m just drawn to the nest on the chest. I love it. Don’t shave it. Don’t wax it. And for goodness sakes don’t laser it off. Even if it’s just a smattering… every hair counts, guys.


So am I the only one here, or are others into a nice fluffy/trimmed/stubbly beard?


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