Fate & Coincidence

Well, hello from sunny Seattle. Yes, I’m back up here- several family events happening this week. I am also playing tourist, as I have a friend in tow. Even though I don’t live here anymore (and have no plans to) … Continue reading

Attention Single and/or Unmarried Ladies: Dudes are Simple

Every so often I like writing posts that I realize not everyone will agree upon. I wrote this post today because I saw this article on Shine (part of yahoo.com) called “5 Things Women Say to Send a Guy Running,”and … Continue reading

I Almost Cheated….

Thursday night my fishes took me out for a little pre-bday din din at Sugarfish, Brentwood. We all ordered the Trust Me (how very fitting for today’s topic), and while I would normally order the same as the Professor, Bella … Continue reading

Open Your Heart and Your Closet

Monday night, I had my friend Megs come by and visit me. Her visit was very purposeful. I was hiring her as my stylist. But let’s rewind for a sec. My yoga teacher, Jams, told me I needed to read … Continue reading

Welcome to the Site

Last year, I started a blog about my dating life. But it was a secret blog (still is kind of a secret blog). Mainly because I would actually talk about my dates and since they were with real people, I … Continue reading