The Power of Music

I think most of you know I was a musician for much of my life… I played the bassoon for five years, the clarinet for thirteen years- traveling with the University of Washington Husky Marching band for three of those … Continue reading

The Revered Instrumental Solo

Way back when I was a kid, we had Hypercolor T-shirts and phones with cords. We also had a ton of songs with instrumental solos. Something happened in the 90’s where musical interludes were replaced by rap lyrics. It’s true! Listen … Continue reading

14 Songs to Listen to While Crafting

I’m just imagining these songs would be good for crafting. I don’t actually craft. Although, I should probably look into it. However, you could use this playlist for jewelry-making, bathroom cleaning, or maybe just chillin and grabbing some sun-time in … Continue reading

Welcome to the Site

Last year, I started a blog about my dating life. But it was a secret blog (still is kind of a secret blog). Mainly because I would actually talk about my dates and since they were with real people, I … Continue reading