Dude Friends

I’ve received about four texts/emails/FB messages from various dude friends in the last week. Kinda funny that I haven’t heard from a few of them in a while and all of sudden they are showing up en force. I have … Continue reading

My So-Called Diet

Just the fact that I mention I have a ‘diet’ probably sounds ridiculous to most of you who know me in person. In fact, I went to the doc the other day and when they weighed me- somehow (with shoes … Continue reading

I Think We’re Alone Now…

And by “we’re” I really mean, “I’m”. I know that during the lifetime of this blog I’ve been touting the amazing wonderful life of a single person. For some of you, it’s been ad nauseam. For others, you can’t get … Continue reading

Thanks, Universe

I wanted to spend a moment reflecting on gratitude- well, because I have a lot of it. For a myriad of different things/people. I am going to take a sec to shout out just a few of the hundreds of … Continue reading

Wheel of Fortune

No Vanna or Pat here, sorry! No, today’s post is about two things- Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana) and being fortunate… i.e. gratitude. I wanted to bring this up today because everyday this week I’ve been feeling lots of love. Appreciation. … Continue reading

Thai Spicy Deep Fried Fish Salad

Get your salad and deep fried yums on for Yum Pla Tod- Spicy Deep Fried Fish Salad. Recipe #2 from the Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts or Sitca. This was actually my favorite recipe of the four that we … Continue reading