Visualize It

Visualize it.

I know there are many of you who find my site because of my recap posts regarding the reality TV show, The Bachelorette. I also know that many of you don’t watch this show, and find no purpose in my recaps. Today’s post is going to be a little different… it’s going to be for both of you. I will try my best to keep this as relevant as possible for those who don’t watch the show. If you want to skip the recap, scroll down the the visualization section.

Okay, I’m going to start now.

First off, what was that commercial blip in the opening sequence? Wasn’t that weird?

And they have the live audience from the start? And throughout the whole show? That threw me off a little. I think it messed with the flow of the show.

Okay, really, I will start my recap on the “most anticipated event of the summer.”

Part One: Meet the Parents

Hipster Jef- meets the parents, and they love him. He is so poetic. All I could think about was that I hope one day a guy talks that way about me to my parents.

Arie- I was losing steam for him- but dang, he was pretty damn hot in the meet the parents piece. Of course they liked him too, and couldn’t decide. It happens every season that way. I do have to say, I like her lil fam. I like her Mom. They seem very normal.

Part Two: Final Dates

Hipster Jef date- the water looks amazing in Curacao. And I love Em’s black racer tank, loose in the back, but she kept adjusting it, so then I didn’t like it anymore, because who wants to keep adjusting their shirt all the time.

Date is kind of awkward when she’s acting all uncooperative about meeting Rikki. But I love that Jeffer Pet threw it back on her- “how would you feel not meeting the kid?” and she opted to intro him to her daughter. Was it planned the whole time, or did she throw an audible?

I agree with him on meeting her kid, though. He’s essentially proposing to the both of them- mother and daughter- he may as well meet her.

It ends with the obligatory Jef in the rain shot. Nice touch… but the hair! Protect the hair!

Em talks to host Chris Harrison about how she can’t go on a final date with Arie because Jef is her chosen one, and it would not be fair to him.

You know what? I love this girl. She has basically said “F you, ABC, if you want me on this show, I’m calling the shots,” since day 1. She does not play by the ABC rules, and I love it. She is doing the right thing – letting the guy go before he proposes and embarasses himself. And avoids havng to answer that After the Final Rose question of “When did you know I wasn’t the one?” She addressed it right there.

Breakup scene was hard watching- but dang, Arie, you looked hot again! Two eps in a row. Nice work, friend. You will have no trouble scoring the ladies. So she let him go. She is so awesome.

It takes a village… to propose, apparently.

The Proposal:

It was sweet. But with all that beautiful water and shoreline, why did they pick the middle of some housing complex for him to propose? I thought that was an odd choice. The weird planters weren’t helping the situation either.

I love the emerald cut. Em for an Em. Emerald is my favorite, nice work, Hipster. I also love that prior to the propsal, he was walking along the ocean edge, contemplating his pending proposal… it reminded me of a lyric from Elton John’s , The One:

“For each man in his time is Cain, until he walks along the beach, and sees his future in the water, a long lost heart within his reach.” – The One, Elton John

It was so deep, he was in a t-shirt with his jeans rolled up, walking along the ocean. The BEST part of it all? Hipster stayed true to trendy form and wore colored skinny jeans. Oh yes. Even in contemplation, he was at his peak of style.

Blue colored Skinny Jeans,

She hesitated on her answer when he popped the question, but said yes, Riki comes out and they all walk hand-in-hand in slo mo. Cue the Peter Cetera. I love that Karate Kid 2 song… but seriously, does anyone under 30 even know that song or who it was really for? I mean Glory of Love was originally meant for Ralph Macchio and that Asian chick. That’s who it was for.

Ok. I’ll wrap this up.

Ah, I love me some emerald cut. But I also like masking tape too.

After the Final Rose

Probably one of the more boring ones ever. The most undramatic after the final rose ceremony ever. That is because Arie is a mature human and Emily is a doll, and she and Jef are adorbs together. I also just love Em. She said it didn’t matter what ring she had- it could have been a piece of tape… she just wanted him was all. Couldn’t agree with you more, Em. I don’t care about my ring. I get that the guy sees it as a reflection of himself and his choice for the girl, but I could care less if I am with the right person. Jef even called Arie to make sure he was ok and to make sure Em wasn’t still feeling guilty. How awesome is that. They are all great. The end. xoxoxo


Now, I’m getting to the meat of this. There were a few quotes cute lil Hipster Jef said that I thought resonated with me.

God puts the right people in out lives when the timing is right – Jef during his proposal speech.

True dat.

And the other:

I keep having this picture in my mind of us. – Hipster Jef

He kept saying that over and over again. And I think Arie thought the same, but the difference with Hipster, I could FEEL it from him. Arie it was like a desire of a something, Jef it was like he was already living it.

And that, is 101 on visualization or mental imagery. Neuroimaging data of subject EA for object recognition by touch (purple), mental imagery (blue) and naming (yellow). Each control condition was contrasted with all the other control conditions in order to exclude non-specific effect (e.g. the purple, touch cluster are defined by the contrast: touch > imagery, naming and sensory-motor control). Activation as a result of the recognition of different features of the object by touch and mental imagery of the object drawn included many similar areas in prefrontal, parietal and occipital areas.

There have been studies on athletes who visualize their goal/win/event in their head before the big game. I know football teams do this. I used to do this in my high school marching band… our director was adamant on a full run through of our entire show in our minds before we actually did the show. To feel the audience, the smell of grass, the steps, the lights, the people around us. To LIVE it in our heads before we actually did it. I’ve done it before interviews or big events. Not only is it like another run through, but it is so weird to actually live it EXACTLY as you envisioned it. And super cool, I might add.

Visualization board by

I think there is something definitely to visualizing. I have vision board above my desk. It motivates to do my job and reminds me why I am working- to achieve personal and financial goals in my life. I have envisioned many things that haven’t come true- and I know it has been because I wasn’t FEELING the feeling I would have living that vision. That is something I am working on always, making sure I am clear on what it is I want to have and feel so I can create that feeling/energy in my life.

I’ve read how people envision having a car and to get that feeling- they just go buy that car, even though they can’t afford it. I would offer up maybe renting/sitting in that car and replicating that feeling along with the feeling of owning it as a better way to go about it.

There are many things I have also visualized that have come true. I envisioned my birthday in a warm place, the feeling of my feet in  warm ocean water (which does not exist here most of the year)… and two weeks later… I was doing just that in Thailand. I think hearing Jef talk about his life with Emily and his true feelings surrounding it did translate on TV .. and ultimately worked. If you are interested in trying visualization, there are a ton of resources on the topic. Or try setting up a vision board. See how it goes- you have nothing to lose!!


4 thoughts on “Visualize It

  1. I love the variety of your blog, it has something for everyone. The finale last night was weird to me, nothing specific, just a bunch of little things. Teenage Fonzie did start to grow on me the last couple of weeks. If they’re happy then that’s all that matters. 🙂 Bachelor Pad is already a train wreck.

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