Fate & Coincidence


Well, hello from sunny Seattle.

Yes, I’m back up here- several family events happening this week. I am also playing tourist, as I have a friend in tow.

Even though I don’t live here anymore (and have no plans to) I do still love my hometown. It is especially fun to see through the eyes of someone who’s never been here before.


There was a chance, at one point, that I wasn’t going to be here. I was considering using my Seattle vacation days for a trip to Bulgaria next month. But things were proving difficult. I was short a vacation day. The crew who would accompany me couldn’t make it. All sorts of adjustments and arrangements would need to be made. It just wasn’t progressing properly. Things didn’t fall into place.

And I think that is how I know when things/people/places are meant to be or not.

So many times in life, whether through a trip (be it to Seattle or Bulgaria, or even Thailand!) through dating a person, moving, or considering a job opportunity,… things just fall into place naturally. Everything aligns up the right way. It’s almost… too easy…. You can call it fate, you can all it coincidence… I call it opportunity and what’s supposed to happen.

The right pieces just fit. http://www.middle-aged-diva.com

I’ve come across this several times, recently- this fate/coincidence/opportunity (or lack thereof).

I am going to Sydney for New Years (exciting). That trip in of itself just worked out. I’m going with a girlfriend of mine. The dates weren’t an issue. We have a place to stay and a wonderful tour guide. Everything just seemed to work. I then find out one of my very close girlfriends and her boyfriend will also be there over New Years. Even better- we’ll meet up and share a portion of adventure together on another continent!

Sydney Opera House. http://www.citywallpaper.org

Then, last night I met up with an old friend from college… and guess what- fate & coincidence stepped in again- she and her husband and two girls will ALSO be in Sydney over New Years! I have been friends with her for almost twenty years. The chances of this are crazy- to be on another continent with two great friends – not having planned the trip together? All three of us were sorority sisters in college- so the idea of us all meeting in Australia is a blessing and a thrill for me!

That’s the easy way- it all just fits.

On the flip side. If/when things just don’t work out time and time again. Especially in romantic relationships. I really honestly believe there are people that fit together and people that don’t. The end. I mean, I think it is that simple. And the ones that don’t that continue to force/try and try to make it work- they probably can, but at the expense of forgoing someone who may actually ‘fit’ better with them. If it feels forced, unnatural, don’t do it. The sooner you let it go, the quicker both of you will have the opportunity to find your right-shaped peg/puzzle piece.

Square + Round or Round + Round? http://saptstrength.com

How can one apply this philosophy in life? Well, here’s your guide.

1) You have to recognize what’s happening. If you are forcing a round peg into a square hole or the wrong puzzle pieces together, stop. Evaluate. Why isn’t this just working naturally? Sometimes it’s worth the fight, but it is up to you to pick your battles. Pay attention, maybe what you want isn’t necessarily what you need (wait, it that a song lyric?) and you are preventing both of you from finding that right puzzle piece.

2) You have to jump on that opportunity if it’s naturally fitting. Sometimes you run into a square peg AND a square hole and you hesitate. Jump on it! Now’s your opportunity! When you find a match like that, you’d better take it and be thankful.


So the next time you come across a situation that doesn’t seem to flow right- or flows so right it seems way too coincidental- stop, then move forward- the best and most organic way you can. You’ll find life to be a lot more surprising and a lot more fulfilling.

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