“I Don’t Want to See You Get Hurt.”

Ah, my favorite 'friend' line. If you've uttered these words from your lips- pay attention, this post is for you. I have a declaration to make. I'M OKAY GETTING HURT. Did y'all hear me? I'm okay getting hurt. I think hurt, disappointment, failure... words that are generally perceived as negative- are all part of life's … Continue reading “I Don’t Want to See You Get Hurt.”


This weekend was very friend-centric for me. I had kick ball with some friends Friday night. My best friend from high school was in town this weekend. I went to yoga and brunch with one of my close neighbor friends, and I went to dinner with some of my college and book club friends. Topics … Continue reading Friends

Riding in Planes and Cars with Boys (and Girls)

I arrived for my flight on Saturday morning, ready to embark on the 15 hour flight to Tokyo/Narita. I boarded the Singapore Air flight, and my first realization that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore greeted me at the door. The flight crew. They were the most delicate, sweet, gentle and well-dressed flight attendants and stewards … Continue reading Riding in Planes and Cars with Boys (and Girls)


So there are several reasons for the title of this post. 1. It's the name of one of the most recognizable Beastie Boys hit songs. 2. It's the name of my current favorite TV show (Thank you, Biebersons) 3. With whom I spent my weekend. Let's keep it organized and go in order. 1. GIRLS- … Continue reading GIRLS