Life and Love

No yoga- haven’t had time! Will get back to it this week. Man, the time is slipping away quickly!
I apologize that I didn’t get my Bachelorette post out Tuesday…. you’ll have to settle for today. I ended up going on an impromptu date that lasted wee into the night, so I didn’t get a chance to watch Emily and crew Monday night.

Before I begin- one other topic on love. “G” called me tonight to tell me one of her exes is now expecting a baby. She is in a relationship now, but it still stung that someone she had been in love with, who had told her he was not interested in kids or marriage- had a kid on the way (not sure about the marriage part, sounds like it is a baby-momma situation). It was textbook When Harry Met Sally, where Sally finds out that ex-bf Joe is getting married.

Unfortunately this has happened all too many times to me before. I’ve had eight (count ’em) I would call relationships/boyfriends. Of the eight, about 50% went on to marry the next girl they dated. I started thinking that my purpose in life was that of a Groom’s groomer. Instead I realized a major thing:

Dudes are simple.

Just coupla dudes. Probably simple dudes. Brooklyn, NY, 2012

If they want the girl/feel like they have the right girl- they make stuff happen. And kinda quickly at that.

Those boyfriends who hemmed and hawed with me for three years, got engaged within one year with the next gal. Why? I wasn’t the right girl, plain and simple. I think many of them wanted me to be the right girl. But they knew deep down, I wasn’t- and when the right one did appear- donezo.

It still hurts to hear things like exes getting married/having a kid while you are still a single person because your brain always goes to, “that should have been me. I should have been the one to marry/have his baby/etc.” The truth of the matter, if you shoulda, you woulda. And I find most of the time, it is actually a blessing that it wasn’t you.

I haven’t given up on my soulmate just yet. But I do think that if he does find me, everything will happen when I least expect it to and will happen very quickly. So what about Emily’s potential soul mates?? My thoughts:

Sean is hawt. Not sure about the soapbox speech, but I could look at him smile all day.

Jef is totally growing on me. I am just in love with his darn wardrobe. The sweet hipster vibe. I loved the skinny tie with the jacket and mustardy pants. The Bieber-like hair is my favorite though.

Kalon is not hot at all. Ew. And has a terrible personality. How does he function in life? His money? One day he’ll realize that’ll never be enough. I feel like Kalon could kill squirrels or build Robots on the side. The best was when Emily kicked the db out of the place and said, “I love to hear you talk, but not til I’m done- I got that from you. “

Alejandro is freakin adorable- why doesn’t she hang out with that dude!?

For the first time in Bachelorette history, I actually laughed my ass off. The culprit? Arie as the nurse. Hilarious.

Adios hot mushroom farmer.  I still think Ryan should’ve left but there was no connection there with Alejandro.  Where are you shroomer? I will come find you!


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