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So there are several reasons for the title of this post.

1. It’s the name of one of the most recognizable Beastie Boys hit songs.
2. It’s the name of my current favorite TV show (Thank you, Biebersons)
3. With whom I spent my weekend.

Let’s keep it organized and go in order.


1. GIRLS- the BBoys song. I can’t begin to tell you what the Beastie Boys meant to me 1994-1996. They defined that junior/senior year in high school for me. They were part of the core of one of my greatest female friendships- with one of my outlasting and outstanding high school buddies- Dukes. It meant recording the Sabotage video on VHS, buying the albums, the ringer t-shirts, and camping for shows. It involved wearing Vans or Chucks or Teevas and cut off jeans, hemp necklaces. It meant a lot of memories, and the soundtrack of my youth. Although I hadn’t seen them perform in years, the Beastie Boys will always hold a very dear spot in my heart. I know many people feel the same way, so I too was saddened to hear of Adam Yauch’s passing. Rest in peace, MCA.


2. GIRLS- the TV Show. OH MY GAWD. While I am typically very sensitive to the explicit shows that Showtime and HBO tend to offer (I feel ill watching Shameless, for instance), the writing on this show won me over- as I am sure it has millions of others. If you are over 21 and are female- you must watch it. While I am a good decade older than the characters, there is a lot in which to be connected. I am obsessed with this show. I went to the Bieberson’s last Sunday for a little microwaved salmon (don’t ask, it was good though) and we ended up seeing parts of this show, and I was hooked. So much so, that I added on HBO to my cable package.

Yep. That is how much I love it.

The pilot episode is available here, if you’d like to take a gander (HBO does make you sign in, since it is mature content). This is the story of Hannah and her friends, twenty-somethings living in New York in that awkward early-twenties-phase of I-just-graduated-from-college-and-I’m-not-a-grown-up-yet-even-though-I-want-to-be. Like Tweens, adult-style. Twadult? Did I just coin something? There are the inevitable comparisons to Sex and the City– four girls, New York, the main character, a writer. And maybe it does fit in that place where Sex left a void. But Sex is very turn-of-the-century (READ: the 21st century, that is) and GIRLS is very modern-day.


3. GIRLS – with whom I spent my weekend. So, normally when I am handing out digits, it is to dudes– not this weekend. I handed out my info to SIX ladies this weekend (no, I am not seeking a same-sex partner). I am talking about meeting new women friends. I love my lady friends. I have some from high school and some from yoga class that I met this year. And some, I met Saturday.

When my neighbor, Future Mrs. W, invited me over for a girls’ night at her house, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up meeting some absolutely wonderful gals. Exchanging info with a few of them. And having a blast. I also went to a luncheon for my sorority on Sunday, where I was able to network with women and find volunteers with our local chapters. More ladies.

I am a strong believer in the support system of women… this article even proves the importance of female influence in your life. While I am single and have time to spend with these ladies, I think it is truly important to keep them in the mix if you are married/with kids. Who else is truly going to understand what you are going through- maybe even help you through it? Cheer you on? Other women. Keep your lady friends, girls. They are such an important support system in our crazy lives.

Thank you ladies- even those of you I didn’t see this weekend, or haven’t seen for awhile. Your texts, emails, phone calls, dinners and brunches are all very important to me. xoxo


One thought on “GIRLS

  1. Love it! Funt times this weekend. The GALS are very important to have in your life now and always:)

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