I think everyone at some point in their lives thinks about their purpose in life.

I was thinking about this yesterday. Not in some super deep meaningful way… like passing on my legacy or changing the world or anything. More like, what do I hope to get out of this life? What is my ultimate life goal?

I have a ton of Life Checklist things I’d like to do at some point for fun. I hit another one this week- a private jet flight.

I’ve heard one of my friends say to me once, “J, If you want to do something, you not only say you’ll do it- you just do it.” And it’s pretty much true. She was spot on about me. I just don’t believe there is any reason I can’t get to experience whatever it is I want to experience.

Now sometimes, it doesn’t always happen just like that. The private jet has been on my Life Checklist for years. Like six or seven years. It just came to fruition recently. There are other things I have on my vision board as well. What’s funny is that while I would characterize my vision board items as more ‘everyday/common goals’ and my Life List more ‘out-of-the-norm pie-in-the-sky’ things-  I’ve been able to cross off an equal amount on both. I’m achieving what I’ve set out to discover.

These are specific things. Places. People. But what about my overarching goal of life? Some people want to get married and have a family. Some want to rule the world. Some want to be famous. And they will go on, happy, knowing they’ve accomplished the most major of their lifelong goals. While I have very specific items on my vision board and Life Checklist… I think my overall goal… the one I can say with confidence is the purpose of my life, what I hope to gain from my life… is joy. To enjoy it.

I don’t think that is definable for me. It doesn’t necessarily mean getting married. Or maybe it does. Or having kids. Or maybe it will. Or maybe it means seeing the world. Or experiencing amazing food or friends. My guide in life is my happy meter. You cause me joy? You’re in. You’re part of my life. My life’s goal. You cause me pain? You feel “off” to me? I’ll learn from you what I can, and then I move forward. Because my entire purpose in this life is… to find joy. To live and breathe and experience joy in someway everyday of my life. Does it mean that every day is peachy? No. Does it mean that I’m going to like it all? Probably not. But if that thing, that annoyance, that experience leads to the overall general picture of happiness and joy- I’m in for the ride.


That is my purpose: to experience joy the best way I can. Despite the circumstances and the things that are presented. To find joy in everything. And if you know me personally- and you don’t get why I am doing some of the things I’m doing, or going to the places I’m going- just know there is a component of joy that I’m experiencing that has guided me to that decision. Or that I’m seeing the bigger picture of the joy I will gain. Just trust me on my life – I will trust you in yours. And if something doesn’t cause joy anymore- I shall abandon it. It’s not right, and I need to get back, keep focused on my overall goal: to be joyful.

I think my overall purpose and goal is not uncommon- many people hope for joyful lives. I think too many people get caught up in the details. They think having a joyful life means:________.  Fill in the blank. I don’t see it that way at all. I think having a joyful life means just that- a life full of joy- no matter what that entails. It’s different for everyone! Now, go be joyous!


3 thoughts on “Enjoy!

  1. Keep a fire for the human race
    Let your prayers go drifting into space
    You never know what will be coming down
    Perhaps a better world is drawing near
    And just as easily it could all disappear
    Along with whatever meaning you might have found
    Don’t let the uncertainty turn you around
    Go on and make a joyful sound
    -Jackson Browne

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