Believing is Achieving

I’m not going to get all The Secret on you today. It’s New Year’s Eve here in Sydney, Australia- and I need to keep it lighthearted! Plus I’m headed down to the beach here in about twenty minutes.

I have a ‘bucket list’ of sorts. I don’t call it a bucket list because bucket lists imply impending death, and I’d like to think that most of the items on my list will be accomplished long before that.  Instead, I call it a “Life Checklist”. I am also aware that as I age, my interests and fascinations may change over time, and I may add new items to said list.


My current list entails one particular item that coincided nicely with my trip to Aussieland: to hug a Koala. I’ve wanted to hold one of those cute fluffy darlings in my arms one time in my life. And I finally go to do it this trip!

It made me realize…. if I can get my butt all the way and up close and personal to Koala, what else can I accomplish on my list? What else can I add to my list… and what else can I accomplish in life? When you realize even the most random things in your life can come true… you start to believe. You start to know that the things no matter how small are big, can be within your grasp.

Koala Bear: Bree, 7 months old. Hunter Valley Zoo, 2012.
Koala Bear: Bree, 7 months old. Hunter Valley Zoo, 2012.

So here we are, wrapping up 2012… many of us have resolutions, ideas of what 2013 will bring. I know what I am hoping for. And I’m a little more confident in these things coming to fruition, now that I can check of a Life Checklist item. What is on your checklist… and how will you achieve it?

xoxo Happy New Year’s Eve from Sydney!


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