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I actually hate running. I can’t get into it. I always say to people who run Marathons, “wow, that is amazing, good for you! What an accomplishment!” And secretly I am thinking, “what kind of tortuous life do you live in where running is enjoyable?” I think running is reserved for Red Rover, getting caught short-cutting through the neighbor’s yard, or escaping Principal Rooney.

I know that is offensive to many of you- including my close friends- and I get the cardiovascular benefits of running. I’ve run 5ks and 6miles on a nice day and all that- but I don’t feel skinnier or better or hotter or a clearer brain- I just feel like I did something I didn’t enjoy for an hour of my life.

Now that we have the “jog” portion of this blog post out of the way, let’s move to dog.


I have two gorgeous basenji family members who are each ten years old. They still behave like young’uns and I love it. I love their quirky personalities (yes, they have vastly different personalities). They are my little family. One came from a breeder and the other was rescued. One is a girl, the other a boy. They are my buddies.

My Beautiful Rescue Boy, 2012

The two of them used to have some physcial ailments… until I realized it all stemmed from their food. So last year, I changed up their food…. and something happened.

First, they LOVED IT.

Second, they had more energy, they were drinking water less frequently. They were healthy… and very very happy.

What is this miracle food you ask?

Well, it took me awhile to find. I was using a dry organic kibble, which was apparently very dehydrating to the pooches. I then looked seriously into a raw diet for dogs, and found that to be messy and time consuming… then I found it… an in-between.

When I first ordered The Honest Kitchen food, I was a bit skeptical. But the proof was literally in the pudding… or in this case, the dog food. It contains dehydrated organic, human-grade ingredients. It actually looked and smelled like soup mix. I added warm water to it, took the hounds for walk, and when I came back- poof! Organic, free range chicken, whole green beans and fruit appeared in each bowl. And they gobbled it up. The food is a lot more expensive, but my vet bills have decreased and their energy levels have increased! Well worth the investment.


Alaskan Lumberjack, Anchorage Museum, 2011


Well, duh, you’re reading one. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Jog Dog Log Blog!

  1. Having fun poking through your blog. I like your eclectic collection of photographs and writings, and of course, it’s always nice to see other Basenji bloggers. Or bloggers with Basenjis. We LOVE Honest Kitchen here, too. Can’t do beef, but we’ve tried pretty much all the others with great results.

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