My Fishes

Last night I had Fish Night with my Fishes.

My ‘fishes,’ by the way, are my ‘bi$%es,’ aka girlfriends, but we call each other fishes. For one, it’s PG-rated, and two, there’s a story behind it (it’s a little too long to describe here).

What’s great about night with the fishes (besides spending QT with my ladies) is that we usually go to sushi for fish night, appropriately.

Our choice- SugarFish. They have a a bunch of locations and we will usually rotate locale depending on the purpose of Fish night.

Tonight it was the Professor’s birthday. Happy bday, Professor. While normally I love the fish at SugarFish, tonight it didn’t seem as spot on as it usually is.

And it made me think a little more about my favorite dinner. How much do you know about the sushi you eat and where it comes from? Is it fished sustainably? When was the fish caught and shipped? I never eat sushi on Sundays or Mondays after working in the freight industry- I know the fish you eat Monday and Sunday came from Saturday’s shipment- because there is no shipping on Sundays.

This is a great little video on where sushi comes from and some food for thought- the Story of Sushi:

The Story of Sushi from Bamboo Sushi on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “My Fishes

  1. Hey! I was at SugarFish for my birthday for lunch the same day as you… Ashley had her first taste of tuna sashimi (with ponzu sauce) and loved it!

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