Man vs. Massage

Biebs and I had a yoga brunch nail (YBN) day on Saturday, and when she mentioned she was getting a massage later in the day… I became very very jealous.

Massage therapists recommend that you get massages monthly- even weekly- if you can… no doubt to fund their existence, but also because it feels great and is good for you.  I don’t doubt that one bit- in Ko Samui, Thailand I was getting massages every day and never felt more relaxed and my shoulders more loose in my life.

So what do I do when envy seeps in? I take action. I right the nagging inside and do something about it- I go get a massage.

Normally I walk on down to the local $49 MassageSpot here in the South Bay. It’s frills-free, they do an ok job, and it’s economical. If I can get the opportunity to spend some time and do it right- i.e. go to a spa, it definitely contributes to the whole experience. One of my favorite massages of all times was one of my original posts on this blog– where I was able to experience bamboo massage for the first time.

This go round, I ended up at Massage Place on Main. I wasn’t alone… no, I went on a massage date (and yes, he gave me permission to say this). No, we did not have couple’s side-by-side massages. I had mentioned that I really needed to get a massage and he thought, “why not?”, so we did.

I bring this up, because in the past, I was trying to think if I had ever gotten a massage with a dude before. And I couldn’t think of a time. I remember one of my exes and I both going to a spa once- but we were separated into our male and female quadrants. I know that the ex on my NYC trip got a massage at the same time I did- but at a different spa entirely. So I have never entered/exited the building with a guy before.

So, there’s a first for everything. We arrived, went to our separate rooms and met up again after. When I asked him how it went (he’s had only a handful of them ever- if that) there were two things that came up:

1) He asked if it was normal for the chick to rub his a$$

I said, “well, yes, side-butt, or over-the-sheet-butt, I mean, it is a muscle… ” but he said it was cropped in a little close, which prompted the next piece of info…

2) Massages cause dudes to be at half-mast or greater

Now, remember, I’ve never talked to a guy about this part of a massage before, so part of me believes it because, well, dudes are dudes no matter which way you turn it, but then part of me was like, “really?”

Then he didn’t know if that was normal, and I didn’t know if that was normal… so we each texted someone (he a guy, me  a girl) and both responded with resounding YESes. Dudes get ‘excited’ in massages.

So now I am asking you this- I know about happy ending places and whatever, but for a professional massage- like spa setting with frumpy Olga- is it more normal to get the tingles and some movement versus not? Weigh in and let me know. I’m curious.


4 thoughts on “Man vs. Massage

  1. I don’t have an answer for your question since Pete is too ticklish to get massages. However, I will text you my no-frills $20/HR Chinese massage place that is AWESOME if you ever want a quick deep tissue for TWENTY DOLLARS.

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