Cold-Hearted Snake

Can only mean one thing.

Okay, actually, could mean 3 things.

1. #1 Billboard song from Paula Abdul in September, 1989.
2. Reid from Bachelor Pad.
3. A nice, gentle backbend.

Well, I’m gonna cover all three.

1. Paula Abdul’s video for Cold-Hearted Snake solidified the fact that we had a bonafide dancer (and not singer) in our midst.

1989 was fresh off the Debbie Gibson vs. Tiffany rivalry, and we needed a new female competition. Enter Janet vs. Paula.

Paula Abdul’s #1 hit

We all thought Paula was the better singer and Janet the better dancer…. but we had it all backwards. Rhythm Nation kinda threw us for a loop. We had a dancer trying to be a singer and vice versa. Why didn’t they just stick to what they were good at?

2. Reid from Bachelor Pad. (I had to weave my recap in here somehow).

Reid- so sweet, or is he?

He’s a cold-hearted snake… look into his eyes, uh, oh, he’s been telling lies. Oh wait, we’re not on Paula’s song anymore. Reid, Reid, Reid. Child’s play. Rule #1 in Lie club… if you’re gonna lie, at least know how to do it, dummy. The whole lame episode (although it was better than last week) you were just becoming less and less cute. Go back to Jillian’s season and stay there. We all loved you then. It’s good you got kicked off (oh, he got kicked off this episode) before we could dislike you anymore.

Other tidbits of the night….

Is Ed just playing us? Is he really that emotional? Seems like he wasn’t before… hmmm.

Did they really need to show the sprinklers rinsing off the ice cream sundae in slow-motion? Really?

Jamie, sweetheart, you are becoming Blakeley every day. Stop talking. Don’t chase, girl. Obvs you didn’t read my blog post on this.

Oh no he din’t…. Chris pulled the, “it’s not you, it’s me,” line. Ew creepster. You aren’t that cool. Seriously.

Michael Stagliano… he is the entertainment on this show. Love that kid.

Who is Nick and where did he come from.

Of course Kalon likes destroying lives. It’s his damn mantra.

3. Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose… the king of all snakes.

So many people get into this pose incorrectly, so I will walk you through step by step.

1. Lay flat on the belly
2. All 10 toenails on ground, big toes touching.
3. Fingers in line with the center of the chest.
4. Forehead on mat.
5. Lift heads of shoulders.
6. Inhale, life hear, shoulders, chest up. Heart open.
7. Keep pressing back through toes/feet and sit bones.
8. Lengthen side body.
9. Pull heads of shoulders back, shoulder blades squeeze together, pull chest forward, keep elbows BENT.
10. Exhale slowly forehead to ground.

Benefits include back flexibility, tones the reproductive organs, massages internal organs, stimulates digestion, improves respiration. See, not all snakes are bad!


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