Cold-Hearted Snake

Can only mean one thing. Okay, actually, could mean 3 things. 1. #1 Billboard song from Paula Abdul in September, 1989. 2. Reid from Bachelor Pad. 3. A nice, gentle backbend. Well, I'm gonna cover all three. 1. Paula Abdul's video for Cold-Hearted Snake solidified the fact that we had a bonafide dancer (and not … Continue reading Cold-Hearted Snake

The Revered Instrumental Solo

Way back when I was a kid, we had Hypercolor T-shirts and phones with cords. We also had a ton of songs with instrumental solos. Something happened in the 90's where musical interludes were replaced by rap lyrics. It's true! Listen to any Top 40 song and there is now a rap where a synthesizer, or … Continue reading The Revered Instrumental Solo