I ♥ Hermosa

Hermosa Clock, 2011

If you had met me four years ago- you probably never would have thought such a statement would have been uttered from these lips…. I love Hermosa.

My first impression of Hermosa Beach, CA… “Wow, I am back to the sleeping porch of my college sorority, unable to focus/get sleep/function because I am surrounded by the echoes of drunken fraternity dudes into the wee hours.”

Hermosa Pier, 2011

And that was the case. I had visions of the ‘the yard sale’ – the outpouring of club/bar patrons spilling onto the pier after closing time, eagerly lining up for their slice of pizza. Drunken cyclists and hailing cabs.

FlipCup… Courtesy http://www.gingermaid.wordpress.com

Of Ohio State (no, I will not place the word “The” in there) graduates playing flip cup on a perpetual Saturday/Sunday rotation. Of flip flops 24/7, forty-year old skaters, barefoot people walking down the street a la Britney Spears. Of people crashing their bikes with their obligatory red cups in the convenient bike cup holder. No inspiration. No diversity. Devoid of culture.

Fast forward to this weekend. I am supposed to be moving. For my job. I promised to move for my new role. But, it seems, after four years of living among the homogeneous… I have learned to like…no, love this place. What happened? Well, it grew on me. And I realized there was more to this place than my initial observation.

I have a great group of friends in the area. They all enjoy life and each other and this place. The waves are crashing in front of you daily, and on a gorgeous blue day, the water looks translucent, and so blue-green, like a million aquamarine jewels dancing before your eyes. And luscious. It truly looks irresistible. It’s a place to pop in and see your neighbors. Roll on down and meet someone for a drink and have it turn into beach cruising over to a house and watching “The Notebook” on a Saturday night. It means listening to a friend of a friend sing some beautiful music.

The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 2012

I love Hermosa and Manhattan because it is beautiful. The water is clean. The people who live here love living here. They love life. I am so blessed to wake up to sunshine nearly every day, and see the ocean right there, in front of me. To walk my dogs down the street and know the people who inhabit the houses I walk by. To go to the wedding of a wonderful set of neighbors. To grab a taco and a burger and a beer with a new South Bay person. To stop by and see my friends and their gorgeous growing young family. To eat at a sidewalk cafe with the loveliest girls alive and laugh my a$$ off. To push myself in the most beautiful yoga studio with the most stunning and challenging yoga instructors- Jamie, Chelsea and Heather. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I am so thankful.

So many times we look at all the negative around us. That is what I did when I first moved to the South Bay. But if you are still and quiet, and observant, you will begin to the see the beauty around you and start appreciating it. I am so lucky to live in this place. Thank you South Bay. I love my life here. xo


2 thoughts on “I ♥ Hermosa

  1. Where can I find more people like you in the South Bay? :o) I know all to well about the college sorority, drunken frat boys of the South Bay, but I too love this area, just wanna find more of the awesome people!

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