A Hairy Situation

Oh yeah. This is another post about hair. Not for the males this time. It’s all about the ladies.

Mrs. Chewbacca, I presume?

First, I want to write about this story I read on Huffington Post. Here’s the gist. There is a young woman in college, who plans on becoming a neurosurgeon. She is also a Sikh, which she describes here, “baptized Sikhs believe in the sacredness of this body – it is a gift that has been given to us by the Divine Being [which is genderless, actually] and, must keep it intact as a submission to the divine will.” Which means no alterations to self. And in her case, she has facial hair.

A fellow student took a picture of her, posted it, and made fun of her facial hair. The article received a lot of buzz because of her mature, amazing and eloquent response. The response was so overwhelmingly positive, it included an apology from the student who posted the picture. If only everyone could respond this way to anything in life.

the picture that was posted.

I absolutely admire her for being a calm, wonderful, and confident individual. However, I am not Sikh and really am not a huge fan of extra hair (other than the head) on myself. Now, you all know I feel differently about the dudes. But for me personally, me no lika no hair.

I live at the beach, I can’t have my Elvises hanging out and keeping me from the ocean, you know?


There are so many options out there for all your hairy needs. I’m just going to talk about the options I’ve personally experienced and let you know my thoughts on them.


Waxing- Warm wax applied and pulled off (along with hair) on a cloth/paper strip. Waxing costs anywhere from $8-19 and are available at most nail salons, and spas.


I used to get my eyebrows waxed. It lasts the longest, and it’s a clean sweep. But it does rip your skin off, and weakens the area above your eye. (+) lasts up to 4 weeks (-) not super pleasant

Threading- Threaders use sewing thread to remove rows of eyebrow hair. Threading costs $8-12.


I switched to threading about a year ago, and love having it done. You don’t get the skin pull that you do with waxing, but you have to go back every two weeks. I was going to Beauty Mantra (Torrance, CA) for awhile. I love the owner there, she is darling. But she’s not there as much (if ever) any more, and while the gals are still good, it’s a little far for me to get to. I just discovered a local threading place nearby in the South Bay-  Panache Threading (Hermosa Beach, CA). (+) More pleasant experience, great shaping (-) lasts only 2 weeks.

Plucking- Using tweezers to pluck out eyebrow hair. Free (if you have tweezers)!


Threaders advise not to pluck as it leads to ingrowns and causes disruption among the hair growth cycles. (+) immediately get rid of stragglers (-) messes up hair cycle.


Waxing- Warm wax applied and pulled off (along with hair) on a cloth/paper strip. In L.A., waxing costs anywhere from $45+. I think I paid $80 in Seattle. Or self wax for $13.99 via CVS (Sally Hansen Sugar Wax). Bathroom, towels, and mirror required.


It lasts about a month and is pretty uncomfortable. Especially if you’re doing a clean sweep. Be prepared to either- get into a doggy position, pull apart your cheeks or have to lift areas of yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (+) lasts up to 4 weeks (-) super not fun, can cause in-growns.

Shaving-El razor. In the shower. Self-administered. $1 or less per disposable razor, special ‘bikini’ razors are available too, or spend a little more for a nicer razor.


Shaving. (+) cheap, easy (-) lasts 1-2 days, in-growns.

Clippers– Yep, that same thing barbers use. Self-administered. Don’t think your barber will do this for you. $12 on up.

Just for a trim. You can use a 1 or 3.  (+) painless, easy (-) still hairy

Nair/etc- $4.99+ drugstore. Self administered. Apply cream, wait 8-10 minutes, dissolves hair at the root. Lasts about 2-4 weeks.


I have used Nair/equivalent for lip and legs, but at the recommendation of a lady friend, I tried it out in “that” area, and it did work! The wait time/body positioning was awkward though. (+) painless (-) but awkward and messy.

No-No– $249 Sephora. Wouldn’t recommend this for the lady area, but works well for legs, arm-p’s. Self-administered. A thin wire heats up and ‘burns away’ the hair at the follicle. Over time hair grows softer and eventually disappears altogether.


I used it about 8 times and nothing ever dissolved away that I could see. Plus, Sephora stopped carrying it – which was not a good sign. (+) more permanent solution (-) expensive and not proven, awkward handling.

Laser- Permanent. Costs anywhere between $150-300 per session, six sessions required for results. Although Groupon usually has coupons for this. Keep an eye out. A laser is applied in short spurts over the follicle area and kills it.


I finally lasered many parts, I just have the armpits left now- and it is SO worth it. Make sure you go in the winter, you don’t want the skin exposed to the sun. I had to literally take like 3 advil or 2 shots of alcohol before each session because I thought this hurt more than my worst wax. Others think it is less painful. But the results are worth it- the hair is gone. Recommended for those with dark hair and light skin, as that is how the laser seeks and destroys the follicle- the contrast between the two.


Here’s to your hairless life!

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