Adios Aussie

Well, officially, Aussie hasn’t left US soil. But he will be on his way out of town shortly. I like writing about things on this blog that are happening to me day-to-day… whether it is something I’ve watched, or an … Continue reading

10 Life Lessons from Being a Sorority Girl

I am going away this weekend. With a date. I got a new dress! And a mani/pedi. Am I: a) going to a fraternity formal b) going to a destination wedding c) either a or b? The correct answer is … Continue reading

Riding in Planes and Cars with Boys (and Girls)

I arrived for my flight on Saturday morning, ready to embark on the 15 hour flight to Tokyo/Narita. I boarded the Singapore Air flight, and my first realization that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore greeted me at the door. The … Continue reading


So there are several reasons for the title of this post. 1. It’s the name of one of the most recognizable Beastie Boys hit songs. 2. It’s the name of my current favorite TV show (Thank you, Biebersons) 3. With … Continue reading