This So-Cal Life

First off, I just want to thank all of you who visited this blog this weekend… I understand that my last post was a little insane (I write about the current goings-on of my life!), so much so that people started reporting my blog as ‘abusive’ on Facebook… which makes me chuckle a bit, considering, for the most part, this site is pretty tame. I normally get anywhere from 85-300 readers a day from many many countries, but this weekend, I had about 1300 hits a day. Pretty exciting!

So, thank you! Now onto my next topic. My love for SoCal.

Aboard the Tequila III

Weekends like the one I just had remind me how truly lucky I am in my life here in Southern California.

I will always have a soft-spot in my heart for Seattle (that is my hometown) but SoCal is definitely where I belong.

My best friend from high school was here for the weekend. We attended a charity event, brunched, met up with friends, made new ones, and enjoyed the sun in true SoCal fashion… via beachcruiser bike, beach and boat.

Dukes and I beachbiking

I think I tend to appreciate things a bit more when I can see them through someone else’s eyes. Dukes was a bit skeptical about riding a bike (she said she last rode one twenty years ago!) but cruising down the Strand, she was soaking it all in. It was great seeing her enjoy her experience here in L.A.

Autumn in So Cal may not have the falling leaves, or the crisp morning air- but we have gorgeous weather and amazing energy among the people here. I was in shorts and sunglasses on a boat for most of the afternoon with old and new friends, soaking in the warm fall sun and enjoying the company.

Moes the Waterdog

I think so many times, we just go through the motions and forget that where we live is special. We CHOSE our homes for a reason and hopefully you are appreciating it every time you step in or out of your door. If you aren’t …. maybe you should consider moving! Our communities, our homes- they are our hearts, our foundation. I am so thankful for mine. Hopefully, you feel the same about yours.

Yeah, it’s a little bizarre to have a pumpkin spice latte in flip flops- but I wouldn’t change a single thing!

Love ya, SoCal!! ❤❤❤


One thought on “This So-Cal Life

  1. So agree with you, having lived here for most of my life – I never take for granted how special it is. we get amazing weather, diverse communities, great work/business opportunities, wonderful culture and entertainment. I’d gladly put up with earthquakes, traffic and high home prices!

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