WARNING: Side Effects May Include Increased Energy


Nobody warned me of the insane side effects of cutting out meat and dairy from your diet.

Last week I posted about my 85% whole plant-based diet. I was interested in trying it because I had seen a guy significantly lower his cholesterol in this documentary called Forks Over Knives. This week I decided to put it to the test. For ONE WEEK I eliminated all dairy and meat. And for one week, I was cleaning, talking, driving, doing it all like a madwoman:

I feel like I am on fourteen Red Bulls all the time. I feel lighter, faster. Like I have super-human powers. I hear things people are saying that are just above a whisper, see brighter colors and feel air differently. There’s no mind fog. I had no idea that meat and dairy were apparently the culprit for my (what I thought was) inherent laziness and requisite naps.

In fact, I am so over the top crazy hyper, I have to apologize to people and convince them I’m NOT on cocaine (or whatever people are on when they are on speed-drive). I’m on vegetables, people. Vegetables.


I actually had to slow myself down. I ate some sushi Friday, egg whites and fish Sat, and fish tacos Sun night. I was about ready to take down a cup of yogurt today, just to slow myself to a reasonable pace.

Everything in this body is an efficient process/machine now. Energy is flowing like never before- and while it’s freaking the living crap out of me- it’s exciting and SO productive. I’ve gotten more done with my natural 8-Hour Energy this week than I have in months.


Other side effects so far?

– I’m drinking more water
– Extra energy (as I’ve already mentioned)
– Clarity in senses and thoughts
– Hungry all the time, eating every hour or two hours is possible
– My jaw is having some tightening (which I think is also a side effect of the drug Ellen Burnstyn was taking in the clip above?)
– Restful, full night sleep without crazy dreams

Wanna try this out and see if what I say is true?

Here’s how it works:


Eat whatever you want- EXCEPT- Meat and Dairy. That’s it. Eat pasta or whatever. Yeah, some of it will have egg in it, etc. But the idea is to cut out the cheese, milk, chicken, what have you. Keep to fruits, veg, whole grains, beans, etc. I pulled up a vegan guide to protein to make sure I was getting enough without the meat/dairy. I also use Almond Milk as milk now- and it’s pretty good!

Try it for one week and tell me you aren’t bouncing off the walls.

I am going to meet with my friend Katie Bressack from Balanced Beings this week or next to see if she can’t help to balance this being out. The pendulum is swinging high!!!


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