Oh, Happy Day

Ever have one of those days that just works? Well, my Thursday was one of those days.


Slept like an angel. Woke up on time. Everything went smoothly. Walked the pooches, got out emails, dressed up in a suit and my hair, makeup, everything was in sync. People were winking and smiling. Doormen and valets were going above and beyond. I was able to get from the South Bay to Westwood at 9am in under 40 minutes. The sun was shining, birds were chirping. Meetings went well. My colleague and I were high-fiving after one meeting that we thought we would never have. I was also able to see another company who had previously denied me four times. And my final appointment was with a famous production company that had put me off for eight months.

Love it when work goes well. http://www.painetworks.com

I got home at a reasonable hour, went to silkscreen class and made a cool eggplant print. And to top it off, my darling, hardworking, can’t-catch-a-break Husky football team beat the odds and won their game against #8 Stanford. Smiling as I drift off to bed.


We love to complain on Facebook, to our friends about our sh&*tty days. And sometimes we’ll say, “today is a good day.”

But, when you’re on a roll, when everything is aligning in ways you never thought it could… always soak it in. Always. You don’t know when you’re going to get another one of those days. Live, eat, absorb, breathe every excited and loving molecule you have in your presence, because tomorrow, you may wake up on the wrong side with the SWAT team at your door, and that magical day is over.

Courtesy Todd Goldman.

I am so thankful. I had a great day. Thanks, Universe, I appreciate it.

(Uncensored version! Ignore the Lakers beat the Supersonics bit LOL)


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