I Think We’re Alone Now…

And by “we’re” I really mean, “I’m”.


I know that during the lifetime of this blog I’ve been touting the amazing wonderful life of a single person. For some of you, it’s been ad nauseam. For others, you can’t get enough of it, because you get it. So, we all know I relish my singledom.

Summer, no doubt, is the single person’s highlight of the year. But something happens during these delicate fall/warm days/cool nights … well…. I get a little ronery (sorry, that was Team America creeping in there). It gets a touch lonely.


I’m still loving being single… let’s not kid ourselves here. But, yes, when the temps drop a bit (for SoCal, it’s 60’s/70’s at night lately), it means it’s time to get more snuggly… and I gots no one except two small furballs. I have to admit … it would be nice to have someone here with me.


But that being said… I’m not lonely enough to just have anyone sitting here. This past week I basically walked away from the most darling man ever, who I have no doubt, could have been a snuggle partner. But I know he wasn’t my snuggle partner. He will be a great one for a lucky girl out there.

And I’m sure a lot of people do that. They find a great, amazing person- or maybe even a not-so-great, not-so-amazing person- because they fear this exact thing: the loneliness. They would rather have someone than no one. Correction: they’d rather have someone, than be with just themselves.

I am a strong believer in this quote and have said it many times:

“It’s better to be home alone than home wishin’ you were alone” 
                                                               -Emily Maynard’s MeeMaw

Yes, it was the blonde chick from The Bachelor/ette that said that. Er, her Granny. But Granny’s right. For me? I’d rather endure a side dish of loneliness here and there than be here snugglin with the wrong person the rest of my life. How many of you are with someone just because you don’t want to be alone? Think about it… what justice are you serving for them… and what are you doing for yourself?


Sometimes it’s a good thing for us to bathe a bit in our lonely times. We become reflective. We yearn for something that hasn’t happened yet- maybe some people yearn for things in the past. My personal belief is that I’ll get there. My snug bug’ll find me at some point. In the meantime, I can order in, light up some candles, clean up the joint, and do it all on my glorious lonesome.


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