Sorry, pro-creationists… this isn’t a story about the Evolution you so dearly want to bash. You can still do that. Not here though.

This evolution is about the evolution of friends and the evolution of love (in my opinion, the big-picture wrong kind of love).



I finally was able to hang out with a dear LA friend of mine, Amila. We ended up chatting about friends of ours from college and early twenties. The mutual observation was that our friends from long ago… well, some evolve with you, and others… they just don’t. They don’t, plain and simple. So what do you do with those friends… the ones you don’t want to ‘throw away’ but have nothing in common with your life anymore?

Well, that is  a personal decision. Keep in mind people do evolve. There are several friends I’ve ‘let go’ due to circumstances or just growing apart. I have also  met more friends who are better aligned with who I am today.

So what am I saying? Keep your kindergarten buddy around if you feel it is natural and works. Otherwise, redefine your friendship as casual and move on. It’s not a mean thing to do, it’s very matter-of-fact. It allows you to make/be friends with people with whom you want to spend time.


I think that sometimes you meet someone amazing and it turns out, they may not be your best match- either because they never were from the start, or you’ve both evolved

Focus from Ari Kruger on Vimeo.

Are you evolving past a person or friend? Have you evolved together?


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