Confident Single Girl- A Rebuttal

My friend, Michy, posted a link to an article on Glo/MSN called, Are Your Pals Sabotaging You? Beware of Misleading Dating Advice by Christan Marashio. Michy and a FB friend commented something along the lines of the article being spot … Continue reading

I Think We’re Alone Now…

And by “we’re” I really mean, “I’m”. I know that during the lifetime of this blog I’ve been touting the amazing wonderful life of a single person. For some of you, it’s been ad nauseam. For others, you can’t get … Continue reading

8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Pity Single People

If you’re single… you’ve seen it. That little flicker of the eye from your married friend – that look of, “you’ll find someone!” or “sorry you’re still single.” This exchange mainly occurs between two females, a married female (maybe even … Continue reading