Prasarita Bachelor Padottanasana

So, it’s the finale of Bachelor Pad. And I chose a very fitting pose for this last episode. I’ll explain the English version and how to do the pose at the end of this post.

Here’s the recap-

1) All the Bach Pad Contestants return. First thoughts?

Lindzi looks pure orange. Tanorexic Jersey Mom-Style. I know it’s been warm in Seattle- but c’mon ease up on the beds/spray tan, girl. Not good when we can’t figure out where your neck ends and your dress begins.

Lindzi, is that you?

And so does Ed. Oompah Lumpa DB Version.

What is Jamie wearing? Why. Why. Who is her stylist.


Where’s Reid?

First update:  Kalon and Lindzi still together. Lindzi is way too orange. Seriously. Erica tries to stir the pot with rumors. Dull. Makes her look about five years old.

2) Hot Seats

Michael Stag in the hot seat. Jaclyn calling him out on leading Rachel on… and I actually don’t disagree with her.

The Stag.

Blakeley didn’t listen to her gut. Obviously she didn’t read my previous post on that. She didn’t get the gut-speak. I am actually happy for Blakeley- I’ve never seen her so calm. I agree with Chris Harrison. Never seen her so normal. Tony said he could tell there was something about her… just another example of another one of my posts- guys who want it, go after it. I mean, if Blakeley can do it… I can too… right? Lol. So now they’re engaged. I think she already knew. That’s just a guess. I can’t even picture Blakeley in Portland. Is she going to change her clothing? Aw, I’m glad for her. Although- how random are they? Ha ha.

Really, Blakeley?

I agree with Jaclyn- Jamie is awkward socially. she just hasn’t had practice with real people.

3) Final Four Breakdown

Ms. Rachel– zzzzzz.
It’s bachelor pad. Engagements are the exception not the norm. I think it is weird she brought up Michael vs. Jaclyn. Nick’s face says, “can we get this show on the road. I wanna steal all the money.”


Nick– zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Ha ha… Chris H…. “just to prove you’re on the show, we have you here, Nick.” Nick looks skinnier? Tanner? Still dull.


Cray Cray Chris
He says it was tough watching the show on TV.  Ooh, his family and friends got the brunt of it. Completely disappointed family. Good for his Dad. So glad his family stepped in. Jamie– stop with your unintelligent cheap shots. She is just so dumb and really gives women a bad name. Honestly. STOP TALKING, JAMIE.

Rodent Sarah
Didn’t talk at all? That is how memorable she is on this show.

4) Free-for-all Questions

Jaclyn asks Rachel about why she dumped her. Rachel was as whimpy as ever. Sarah’s rodent voice is awful. Please, also join Jamie in a very very (120 minute) long moment of silence.

“What has Chris learned?” Chris H asks. Yes, Cray Cray, since you are a twenty-five year old man and all? It is too bad that you hear it from your parents, and family, but you can’t hear it from the voice within yourself… because you are twenty-five and know everything!

5) Voting for a Couple

Oh, there’s Reid. So they pretty much voted for Rachel & Nick. Ok, no surprise there.

6) Final Couple- Nick and Rachel

The final piece to this all is that each gets to pick “Keep” or “Share”

If both say “share”, they split the $250k evenly. If one says “keep” and the other “share” then the one who says “keep” wins it all. If they both pick “keep”, then the money is split among the castaways, and Nick and Rachel get none.

Rachel picked SHARE. Nick picked KEEP.

So, Nick, the MIA kid, wins $250k. Are we really surprised? He had no friends. But isn’t that what happens when you are all about the money?

So what do I think? I think we have a Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects in our reality midst. That dude just completely Keyser Sözed us all. That’s what I think. And he shook off his limp and went on his way.

And just like that…. he was gone.

As for Rachel? Well, she got bent over. And thus leads me to our pose.

Prasarita Padottanasana – Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Benefits: Relieves headaches, back pain, opens hips, neutralizes stomach acid, lowers blood pressure.

Step by Step

Start out with legs wide apart, toes pointing forward or slightly pigeon-toed in.

Inhale, reach arms toward sky.

Exhale, fold forward, hinging at hips.

Place fingers in line with toes. Inhale, lengthen spine. Exhale, Fold deeper. Breathe into hamstrings and the back.

Inhale, sweep arms to sides, come up standing.

One other note….

it is Sept 11 and I don’t want it to go unnoticed (even though this post did fall on a Bachelor recap day). It still affects me like I’m sure it affects millions of others, especially those who were directly touched by that horrific day.  I hope you all take a moment to reflect on that time and be thankful for all your loved ones, friends, your own lives, and the fact that we can watch this idiotic show. Until next season!


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