What The World Needs Now….

I think just about everyone in these United States, who is also on Facebook, has been bombarded the last two weeks by amateur political commentary. So is this post about the leadership the world needs now? No.

And the rest of you, how many of you had that song pop into your head with this post’s title…. Love? I mean, sure, the world could probably always use a little more love. But that isn’t what this post is about either.

Chihuly Garden and Glass, 2012, http://www.lifelovandyoga.com

I think I mentioned that I am in Seattle, playing tourist this week. One of our stops yesterday was Chihuly Garden and Glass. A museum/exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s life and works. Walking through the facility was a completely mind-transforming experience. I walked out of there feeling more whole-brained than ever.

Chihuly Garden and Glass, 2012, http://www.lifelovandyoga.com

Aside from Chihuly’s gift of art creation, scale, color, and architecture, this man with the crazy hair, neon pants and eye patch, is actually a man of wisdom and insight. On his In the Light of Jerusalem Exhibit (which attracted over one million visitors of all religions and backgrounds) he said:

“I think this exhibition probably proved it to me, how much art is needed in people’s lives.” – Dale Chihuly 

I love this quote from him because I agree. What the world needs now is more art. Art to allow us as humans to use our whole minds… not just the logical half. Art that creates new neurological synapses. Art that fuels feelings, and art that manifests an appreciation for creativity, beauty and existence.

Chihuly Garden and Glass, 2012, http://www.lifelovandyoga.com

If you live in Seattle, please visit this amazing space. If you visit Seattle, add it to your list of attractions. The glass works are simply gorgeous… all the while feeding your eyes and singing to your soul.



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