Read a Little

I want to take a moment to talk about two loves in my life.


I have the most wonderful book club. Ever. They are talented. Gorgeous. Smart. Funny. Well-read.

We are each other’s friends, therapists, confidants, entertainers, comediennes, companions.

We help. Push. Love. Listen. Encourage.

This makes book club fun. Interesting. Thought-provoking.

I bring up book club today because the reason we are all members – besides the reasons I listed above- is that we all have a love for reading.

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I posted a few posts back, 10 Life Lessons I Learned as a Sorority Girl – Lessons learned while I was in college. What I did not mention, is that I still am a proud sorority girl. I am currently in Jacksonville, FL for our bi-annual convention. I share this because I am living and breathing the sorority fifteen hours a day for five days straight. It is similar to a User’s Conference or a Sales Conference- except with my sorority. I am a Director within this organization, so I have many responsibilities in the group.

The reason I bring up these two activities together today is because I realized tonight that these two worlds that I love, have combined. Today we were shown a video for the philanthropy/charity that my sorority supports… and it is one whose focus is the embodiment of my book club: love for reading.

If you aren’t familiar with RIF, you can check out their site:

RIF stands for Reading is Fundamental. How RIF makes a difference:

  • A nation of readers become productive people who help create strong communities.
  • Reading ignites the imagination and inspires learning—basic tools for success in school.
  • Reading improves child development, leading to better grades and higher graduation rates.

It has been amazing to be a part of both worlds. Share your love of reading too, all while making the world a better place. Volunteer or donate to RIF and make a difference in your local community.


2 thoughts on “Read a Little

  1. Loving you blog…stumbled upon it yesterday via a friend and totally catching up. It is the best! I just moved here from MN and if your book club is looking for members I would love to join! I had one in MN the same as this and am missing it.

    1. Thank you! Welcome to LA!!! I think the club is full… our pres is pretty strict to keeping it to 10 members, but if we ever have an opening I’ll let you know!! I also run into gals all the time- whether through yoga, work, etc always looking to start one… I’m sure if you ask around, you’ll find one before you know it… that’s how I found mine five years ago! xo

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