You Get What You Give


I believe Karma is the word. Although I think Karma is a bit overused these days. People just love saying, (insert nasaly voice) “Karma is a b&*ch”. Well, if you are saying that-  isn’t that negative? Which means that it’ll come back around to get you too? Or, “I did something good, so I have good Karma.” Yes, I suppose so. But that means you are keeping track of Karma. What about that mean thing you said the other day, doesn’t that offset your “good Karma?”

I don’t necessarily like thinking in terms of 21st Century American Karma. We’ve twisted it all around. Instead I like to think in terms of – what you give you get. What you project is reflected back to you. So if you want to do nice things just for the sake of getting nice things back- well, you will, but they won’t be genuine, because you never were.

If you are truly, genuinely kind, thoughtful, smiling… that is what you should be receiving in return.

Every month (yes, pre-period time) I notice that people are mean to me throughout the day. I will literally think that. What a crappy day. Every one is being lame to me. The guy at the postoffice was rude. My co-worker was being weird. My boyfriend is being a d-bag. Hold up. How is it possible that three people- completely unrelated to each other- could all be awful to me, on the same day?! Could it be possible… that I am the common denominator? Then I usually realize I’m PMSing and hibernate the rest of the day as to avoid any more awkward confrontations.

You see, it was me projecting that out there. It was me being unsavory toward others. They were just reflecting back to me what I put out there.

I know this seems very chicken and egg. Well, who’s projection wins? Who goes first? Honestly, I think it’s whoever’s energy is the stronger. If someone is projecting craziness and not backing down- you’re going to have to buy a ticket on that crazy town train or just pass. If you’re in an aimable mood and smile at everyone you see walking down the street- I guarantee nearly one hundred percent of those people will smile back

So how about some simple examples. I realized the other day no one has really complimented me on my cute outfit or hair or anything (ok, part of it is because I desperately need a haircut and some new clothes). I thought about it more- I’m not exactly giving out compliments to people either. I need to be more aware and recognize the good things around me. Thank the waitress for exceptional service. Notice the new bracelet my friend has on. I need to be more aware. It’s all connected.

It’s the same with love and relationships and friendships. People are so focused on what their dream guy/girl or wife/hubs or bf does for me. What do we do for them? How do we make them feel? Is what we are doing to them being reflected back onto us? If we want cuddle time, are we making loving gestures for them? Are we listening to them, if all we want is someone to listen to us?

The reverse can also happen. You want to dish out annoyance (as I do when I’m PMSing) or anger… you may get someone whose happiness is strong enough to override… but you never know. Usually anger is received with anger. Take a breath, think through your frustration- the way you speak or present an idea to someone can be heard better, responded in a more productive way if you can deliver the message that way. It’s a reflection of how you are approaching the situation.

For me personally, I also love it when I get comments on this blog. Or new followers, or people who like a post. It’s the same here. I should seek other blogs and comment and post. It’s all an interconnected web of sharing and love.

Giving is all about propelling each other to our next levels… we are all connected. Now we just need to focus on giving instead of getting. 🙂


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