Adios Aussie

Well, officially, Aussie hasn’t left US soil. But he will be on his way out of town shortly.

I like writing about things on this blog that are happening to me day-to-day… whether it is something I’ve watched, or an event I’ve witnessed, or an intriguing individual.

I originally blogged about the Aussie in my FOMO post a few weeks back.

Sydney, courtesy


I think the biggest thing the Aussie did, was restore my faith in dudes. I know, I know. That sounds a bit jaded. But listen, I’ve had EIGHT boyfriends, yes, that is a lot, and I was really starting to question my picking skills and the man-availability. I really didn’t think it was possible to meet a secure, confident (single) guy on this planet. I have been a magnet for insecure dudes since 2001 and I haven’t stopped. What a difference it makes to spend time with a secure man who can take care of you. Now, Aussie is just a friend of mine, but he showed me they do exist.

Prior to leaving, the Aussie brought by a hospitality gift of sorts:

Orchid, 2012

When Aussie arrived at my house with this behemoth, I actually… panicked. I know, so NOT the appropriate way to respond to a gift. But I was panicking because I have killed two orchids already and have one that has not bloomed in over four years.

This one just seemed very, substantial, and I was already flashing images in my head of killing it. But Aussie reassured me. He told me to put an ice cube in a special place every 12 days.

Orchid on Mantle, 2012

And now she is on my mantle in all her glory. After I got over my initial trepidation, I embraced her as a member of my family- now consisting of two dogs, one human, and a life-sized orchid. Now I will have to name her- any ideas?

I can see why an orchid is a great representation of me- it stands out, is bold, but so delicate. If watered correctly, she can be low maintenance, but at the same time, has a specific schedule. If not watered correctly, she’ll shrivel up on you only to never bloom again. Ha ha.

Aussie and I have had many deep talks, business chats, we’ve cracked each other up, accidentally injured each other, and overall, I think learned a lot from one another (I’ve learned a lot, anyway).

This experience just further proves to me how important it is to be open to people and meeting people around you. You never know how someone may impact your life if you don’t say, “hello.” I ended up with a very deep and connecting friendship. So, I just want to thank you, Aussie. I want people to know how truly thankful I am to know you and your friendship- and I look forward to when we meet again.


2 thoughts on “Adios Aussie

  1. Maybe a name in another language that means “Beautiful One”. Your Aussie friend sounds like a great guy.

    1. Good idea, Amy! I checked it out, and decided on “Nava”- it means “lovely” which is my favorite word of Aussie’s and it is also Hebrew! It also happens to sound similar to his dog’s name. lol.

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