The Quest of the Right Brain

As you know (or don’t know) I am destined to retire early off of something creative that I do (see my about page). As a result, I started this blog, to get those juices flowing. I’ve also started sewing again, making yoga straps and bags on the weekends for Lost & Found, and signed up for a silkscreen class in the fall. I still don’t know what my creative passion is, so I’m going to keep learning.

My latest interest? Playing the Cello.


Look, I’ve been all over the board my whole life. But how else am I supposed to figure out my creative destiny if I don’t try everything I can? I’ve inquired about lessons and renting a cello… this will be my winter/fall project along with silkscreen class.

Ok, so how did I become interested in the cello?

Last weekend, my dear beautiful friend jmia took me to a Diego Garcia concert. It was at a small theater in West Hollywood, the music really sounded great and the guy was pretty hot for never having heard of him. Go on, take a listen/look. I know I’ve intrigued you now:

The band was great overall- after the show, I got them all to autograph my album. I think they thought I was nuts, but hey, I haven’t bought a CD in like 12 years. The guys were great and all, however, the guitar and cello solos were what impressed me the most. So impressed that I decided  I wanted to learn it.
If you aren’t familiar with the cello, this will get you familiar fast:

This isn’t my first foray into the music world. In fourth grade I was a stringed musician. I picked up my Dad’s violin and took a year’s worth of lessons. I wouldn’t have minded staying with the orchestra, but all the cool kids were joining the band. So in fifth grade, I promptly traded in the gorgeous violin for a plastic clarinet.

The clarinet would eventually get me into the World- Famous Husky Marching Band, so it was worth the switch. I was able to travel with the football team and be a part of a collegiate group that included the cheer squad, the mascot and the band. If you aren’t familiar with he Husky Marching Band or the Helmet Car, here’s a good overview by our director, Brad McDavid.

So was it nerdy being in the band? Of course!! That’s what made it so endearing. Those sweet nerds, who you would never know in everyday day life, are actually really great people, smart, funny  – and holy nuts, they could party. A real-life Big Bang Theory.

The clarinet was a bit dull for me though, and while I continued to play it in the marching band, I switched my symphony and orchestral instrument to the bassoon. For five years I played the bassoon. If you aren’t familiar with the bassoon, here’s a nice little introduction:

My teenage years coincided with the grunge years, so don’t think I didn’t pick up the guitar too. I had an electric guitar for a while and bought two acoustic guitars- taking lessons in high school, then eventually taking classical guitar lessons in college. I’m sure you’re all familiar with acoustic guitar, but do you know much about classical? Here is one of the songs I learned in college:

And yes, I had the hold the guitar like that, as well and grow out my right hand fingernails.

So, will I be the next Yo-Yo Ma? I doubt it. But my right brain will be engaged and that’s what I’m hoping out of this… right? You’re never too old to learn something new!


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