L’Amour à la Télévision

All American Romance, Bay to Breakers, San Francisco, 2010

I know I have written about love and TV in one capacity only thus far on this blog… and that is through The Bachelorette recaps/opinions. Well, I officially expanded that deep horizon last night. I was working on my yoga homework and turned on the TV for a little background noise.

The channel was already set to a show called Take Me Out. And directly following that show, a show called The Choice – which happens to rhyme with The Voice, and look exactly like it too- was on.  I don’t usually watch TV live, so this was a rare occasion.

Courtesy http://www.buddytv.com

Here is the premise of Take Me Out: A bachelor comes on stage with 30 women standing at Jeopardy-like podiums all in short cocktail-type dresses. The guy comes out and introduces himself. Then girls drop out of the running – just off his first impression alone. Stage 2, a video is played to get to know the guy better, then more girls drop off. Finally- Stage 3, the guy reveals a talent about himself- whether through video or live (in front of a studio audience, of course!). Of the girls left standing, the guy chooses his date. The show, hosted by George Lopez, is God awful. I mean awful. Cheesy, weird, random. People must really want love or TV exposure or both enough to do this weird, weird show. Just trash. But I could not. Stop. Watching. It. Even though it really was PAINFUL.

Courtesy http://www.cnn.com

The second show, The Choice, is identical to The Voice, but “the voice” is not a singing voice, it is some hapless girl basically begging these guys to take her out on the date. This week’s guys- Romeo (wasn’t he on Dancing with the Stars?), DJ Paulie D from Jersey Shore, a soap opera dude, and some other guy- heard these ladies’ voices and decided based on their voice to turn around the chair. The girl then gets to pick from the guys that have spun around. It goes a few more rounds until each D-level celeb dude picks one date.

The reason I mention these shows is because I was a dating fiend for awhile- my philosophy was “say yes” to all opportunities to date. Speed Dating, Blind Dates, what have you. But watching these shows- I guess they are supposed to be fun- made love seem sad and super lame. I think some of these girls really just want to meet a dude (and be on TV). But there’s something kinda weird about it all- parading around, being ‘selected’. I guess I’m not that kind of chick.

In order to restore my faith in romance, and re-engage my french brain (I took french for 6 years!) I found this cute video- ok, it’s a language school video, but still, it is a great way to pratiquer le français tout en regardant une histoire d’amour. It is also about someone traveling- which is always a favorite topic of mine. Vivre la romance!

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