Shui What?

So I want to apologize if many of my posts in the near-ish past have been weightier than usual. I'm going through some transformative times, and obviously, you all are along for the ride. I'm bringing this up because I didn't realize the gravity of my writing until I heard a couple of pieces of … Continue reading Shui What?

Hey Jealousy

I have written about jealousy before.  The context of my previous post came from a place of immaturity... of when I was younger and wanted to be perfect in every way. That I would get jealous by all things perfect. Hair, boobs, what have you. And I learned with age (and over time), there was … Continue reading Hey Jealousy


You know when you've experienced something absolutely amazing, something that puts you on cloud nine and plants a permanent smile on your face? Like acing an interview, going out with an amazing person, accomplishing that personal goal? And the feeling is so great, you wonder, crap, by feeling this good about it, talking about it, … Continue reading Jinx