You know when you’ve experienced something absolutely amazing, something that puts you on cloud nine and plants a permanent smile on your face?

Like acing an interview, going out with an amazing person, accomplishing that personal goal? And the feeling is so great, you wonder, crap, by feeling this good about it, talking about it, am I jinxing it?

One bouquet of jinx flowers, hand delivered…

I think this type of superstition drives people to wear a lucky jock strap, simulate OCD tendencies, and act outright crazy when taken to the extreme. I know it’s all slipped into our minds from time to time… is this really too good to be true?

Jinxes are merely veiled fears. Fear that it won’t work out. We won’t get the part/job or person – whatever it may be. We stress about it because that fear creeps in… sometimes for a second, sometimes for longer. Sometimes it overtakes the good thoughts.

The only way to not jinx something… is to face the fear and just trust. Trust that … if it is the right thing for you.

Guess what? If it is the right thing for you- well, then it’s the right thing for you. If you’re doing your best, being honest, being yourself, putting it all out there… it will work out the way it is supposed to work out. Even if it doesn’t in this particular case, no action goes unnoticed… it will lead you the right way if you aren’t already there.

Ok, truthfully, I am a little concerned about being jinxed about a couple things in my life, and by writing this post I’m reassuring myself that I can and should trust, and have faith… all that should happen will happen.

Just trust. Have faith. Believe, and know that the universe really is looking out for you (and me). There is no jinxing, just being.

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