Shui What?

debbie downer

So I want to apologize if many of my posts in the near-ish past have been weightier than usual. I’m going through some transformative times, and obviously, you all are along for the ride. I’m bringing this up because I didn’t realize the gravity of my writing until I heard a couple of pieces of feedback.

The first was from one of my bfs (Dukes) who mentioned that my posts were on the heavy side. Then, about a week later, I received a message from Rhonna, a fabulous local artist and Feng Shui consultant, who suggested after reading some of my posts, that my love and house luck might change with a little Feng Shui in my life.

So, I thought, why the hell not? Let’s get some Feng Shui into my life.


I’ve actually dabbled in Feng Shui here and there… but honestly, found it very overwhelming. I felt like it was comprised of a million “if then” statements, and directions and color combinations. I don’t do well with compasses or direction, I can’t keep track of all the elements and colors… and I sure as hell can’t put it all together.

Enter Rhonna, CFSP.

happy sunshine buttercup

She is a buttercup of sunshine, and a sweet, soothing soul. She is instantly alive as she inspects the space, then calculates where everything lies in the bagua and its relation to your home’s layout. And girlfriend gets to work. She rearranged furniture, moved things around and brought in light to dark corners. In fact, one of those dark corners was my  “relationship” room. It literally had cobwebs in it. No joke. Lol.

My philosophy about Feng Shui is this- it doesn’t hurt to try it out. It does actually make a room “flow” better. I use it in my office space and have had a lot of success since I rearranged things around. Many of the suggestions Rhonna provided just made sense; it wasn’t a matter of completely redoing my whole house… it was just little tweaks. Adjustments. Moving some things around, to a different room. Out of a room entirely. Things that drag me down or keep me stagnant in areas of my life were moved. And I realized many of those things are directly reflected in my surroundings.

She described the home as ‘a body’. A body needs to move around and use its parts, or it becomes stiff and atrophied. I need to use my home more. She said intuitively the house’s sentiment toward me was, “I miss you”. 😦 Kinda sad, huh?

That makes sense considering I have been MIA a lot this year. Since her visit, I have been focusing on some of the things she told me, and it does feel… it feels more airy, light, and happy. Kind of the opposite of my blog posts, as of late, coincidentally… or not!??? Dun dun dun…..

Thank you Rhonna, I truly enjoyed my time with you and am excited to see what changes may come about from all of this. At the very minimum, everything looks nice and clean! 🙂

I need more green in my bedroom 🙂 via

If you are interested in having Rhonna come out and Feng Shui your home, you can find her at

If you want to learn more about Feng Shui, check out this Feng Shui 101.


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