It (He) Finds You

The house.

The husband.

Ok, so two big “H” words in a lady’s life. House and Hubs.

I’m making a little progress on the husband front… i.e. I’m going to a life coach who is helping me figure my shi@ out so I can be the best woman I can be… because here is how I feel about husbands:

They kinda find you.

Not that they are searching for you, but they sort of come into your life and then they want you and that’s it. All you can do is live life. Enjoy it. Do your thing, explore your world. Be aware when he arrives in your scope. Then, jump on him (literally and figuratively, lol).

Seriously, hubs and houses are so damn alike, it’s creepy. Commitment. Investment. Finding one. Them finding you. The right everything- escrow, dates, down payments, kisses…

The reason I am thinking about this is because, yet again, I am putting an offer on a place. And this one, I really really want. This one, I feel something for.

I’m taking some risk for this one. I’m going a bit over budget, thinking of ways I would sacrifice in the short term to get this place that is absolutely perfect for me and my fur family.

And things are kind of aligning.

I’m getting my Q2 commission check which will help the down payment, just in time. For the first time in my hunt, there’s only one other offer. I don’t have to do any reno. It is everything single thing I want and, surprisingly, even more than I expected.

Part of me is scared, but ultimately I know… if I put in everything I have into it, I mean, really go for it, and get it… then it was meant for me.

Do you see how hubs and houses are related now?

I am trusting that the right place/guy will show up at some point… it is then up to me to be aware and grab that opportunity, put forth my best effort- and if it is right, it’s right.

If things don’t work out… it’s ok. My life is great. My place is great. I enjoy being single, too. Everything will be ok.


But that being said, I do hope this place is my future home. I know if it isn’t, it wasn’t the right one. Same with the ol’ mancake.

If I give it my all and it doesn’t stick, that just means the right one isn’t quite ready for me yet. And when it (he) is, I’ll be ready. 🙂


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