Be Straight with Me

No, this is not an anti-gay post, lol.

just kidding- this is not about being that kind of straight

I’m talking about honesty and straightforwardness.

I bring this up because there are some people in my life who aren’t laying it down straight with me. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they don’t know how I roll (even though they’ve known me for a while).

I’m a straight shooter.

If I ask you to do something with me, and you don’t want to, just tell me. If you don’t like my last comment, and it’s going to cause an unfavorable response, please tell me that too. I think some people think I’m a dude in that way- I like straight talk versus the fluffy stuff- particularly with people I know, and people I know well.

So if you are completely clueless about straight talkers, lemme tell you how we like it, you pillow fluffers out there.

1) Just say it. If you want/don’t want something, just tell us. Don’t make up some bullsh%^ excuse for why you do/don’t want something or to do something. If you don’t like something, tell me. I can’t mind read you. If you seriously would rather spend time with your college crush than have coffee with me- well then, just tell me. We’ll pick another day, or I’ll pick another friend. Whatever. Let’s just get it out there so we know what we’re doing.

2) Don’t lie to avoid hurting my feelings. Trust me, my feelings are gonna be hurt if I found out you lied to me more than if you were just straight with me in the first place. I might be disappointed for a short period, but I’ll get over it. Lying is a longer one to recover from.

3) Don’t sugar coat it. Keep it simple, stick to the point. The more you hem and haw, embellish and dart, feed me eight billion excuses, the less respect I will have for you.

4) Be sincere, but be honest. Don’t be a di&* just to be a di&*. If you really aren’t that into me on a date, just say I don’t want to move forward, but enjoyed our time together (only if you really did). “Or I really do want to see you this week, but I already booked three days in a row with other friends of mine.” That will feel kind of lame, but at least I know where I stack up on your life importance list and can adjust accordingly. Just. Be. Honest.

via Karma Jello


How can you tell you have a straight shooter in your midst? Well, frankly, you should know by now if your significant other, parent, kid or friend is this way. They pretty much let you know when they meet you and don’t hold back in this regard.

We straight shooters have to learn to use tact ourselves in the delivery method of our messages, even with our most fruitful intentions. So if we suck at that ourselves, tell us! Guide us, help us.

Ultimately I love being a straight shooter because it avoids confusion, unnecessary heartache or emotion, it is respectful (in most cases), it is honest, it shortens the uncertainty life cycle, and it’s freeing. It eliminates any need for passive-aggressiveness or jabs, it diffuses arguments, and if done sincerely, communicates effectively.

Don’t be afraid of a straight shooter, embrace us. We may be the only ones willing to hear and dish you the truth- and we expect the same in return.


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