Yank It Out

My darling male basenji, Red, is just the sweetest darn boy alive. I know many strangers, including strangers with dogs, may not always agree with me. But of my two dogs, he is the genuinely lovable one.

Last week, I took both the furballs to see the vet for their annual visit. Halo and Red hate going to the vet, as I’m sure most dogs do. Halo will literally try to open the doors and climb walls to get out of that room. Pacing, panting. Red hides under the chair, behind my legs. He would rather just avoid the whole thing.

My beautiful boy Basenji, Red. ©LIfeLoveandYoga.com
My beautiful boy Basenji, Red. ©LIfeLoveandYoga.com

This last visit, it was determined that Red had a rotting tooth, and the bacteria from the rotting tooth was appearing in his blood and potentially causing a heart valve issue. The vet (who has been seeing him for five years now and loves him), had suggested we remove the tooth along with a teeth cleaning. I agreed, his breath, although quite legendary in general- was nearing the sewage and hot throw up levels of stench.

I also started noticing he would whimper when I touched his muzzle or mouth in the area of the rotten tooth. I could tell it was not comfortable. Even though I know he doesn’t understand me (I am not one of those kinds of dog people), I told him while it would hurt like hell getting the tooth pulled out- the overall aching pain he was experiencing would be gone, and it would be better in the long run.

Clean teeth via http://www.zoomroomonline.com

Weird that telling my dog that, would provoke parallels in my life.

It’s true. Something in your life that is lingering like a toothache… why do we keep it around? Are we avoiding the inevitable because we know how badly it will hurt? You know that searing pain after the numbness is going to wear off will hurt like hell. You’d rather just deal with the slow, dull aching pain. Even if that aching pain is killing you, breaking you down, causing heart valve issues.

Isn’t it so much better to just yank out that tooth? Once you get over that temporary pain and the emotional pain of it being gone… aren’t you happier, healthier and more functional in the long run?

This has so many applications – it’s crazy. A job you hate. A home you aren’t comfortable in. A relationship that needs to end. A friendship. Buying something.

What’s the rotting thing your life that’s weighing you down and just needs to be removed?

Identify it – and yank it out. It really is just about going out there and just doing it. Get. It. Out.

Red’s getting that dying tooth yanked tomorrow, and I will be there to help him through it- and he and I will be all the better for it- in the long run. 🙂


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