Here then Gone

Man, where did yesterday go- I missed a day on this blog!

So much is going on right now, and I am drained… TGIF!

I wanted to write about appreciating the present as it’s happening… and how quickly it can go away…  because I have been experiencing it all week long. There are things, experiences and people in our lives that we only have for a moment- and then they’re gone.

Have you ever been in a situation, let’s say, on Disneyland ride. You think, “here I am, on the ride. I waited an hour, even with the FastPass, and I am on this ride, and it will be over in 45 seconds. I’d better really enjoy it.” Then you think about the thought of enjoying it too much to enjoy it? Or maybe you do enjoy it and your 45 seconds happened in what appeared to be one second- but so worth it?

I’ve had a series of these experiences this week. Where I am actually stopping myself and saying, “I am so happy I am here. Soak it in, soak it in.” And before I know it, it’s gone.

My birthday is in May (yes, I’m a Gem) and every birthday, I think, “New Years will be here before I know it.” And sure enough, here comes New Years, and I think, “wow my birthday will be here before I know it…” and hence the cycle continues. Nothing seems permanent.

Capture the moment.

What I really want to know is, how can I truly soak in and maximize whatever it is that is fleeting in my life? Well here are a few ways to retain that moment forever.

1) Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

Never has the old saying been more true here. Pictures/video do last forever, so why not capture it. Our memories like to distort things and with a picture, you can remember that moment from outside your own head. Your baby is still a baby in your pic. You are still eating sushi in SF in a pic. Whatever it may be, is now time stamped and remembered.

2) Take mental note of the weather, how you are feeling, what you are smelling/tasting/seeing. Remember it.

So many great experiences stem from the utilization of more than one of our senses. Remember the energy of that crowd after the last-minute win, or the warmth of someone you care about snuggled up next to you. Take in the smell of their hair, softness of their skin. Or take note of the crispness of the morning, or the smell of the restaurant across the street making pancakes.

3) Write in a journal.

Writing in a journal is the best first-person way to capture a present moment. Just write it out that day and go back to it if you want to remember.

4) If you are with another/others, verbalize the moment so you can all remember it together. patrick schneider

So many great experiences in life are with family and/or old and new friends. If you are experiencing something together, say so out loud, and be thankful. The combination of people and that setting may never happen again.

5) Thank the universe for the moment, store the memory, and be open to creating new memories.

A universe that is pleased will help guide us to greater life experiences. We don’t necessarily want to live in the past, but instead absorb what is in our present. Once it becomes the past, you can add it to your memory bank, realizing there’s a lot more to come… so be open and aware for it!


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