Self-Realization 5: I’m An Overthinker

"You overthink too much." The Aussie told me this straight out while I was in Australia. I, of course, rebuffed his statement because I like to think I'm so easy going and simple. I am, in general. I think. I am very much a go-with-the-flow,  just-trust-the-universe type of person.  You wanna do that? Sweet, I'm … Continue reading Self-Realization 5: I’m An Overthinker

Here then Gone

Man, where did yesterday go- I missed a day on this blog! So much is going on right now, and I am drained... TGIF! I wanted to write about appreciating the present as it's happening... and how quickly it can go away...  because I have been experiencing it all week long. There are things, experiences … Continue reading Here then Gone